Gear Review: Kershaw Livewire Double Edge OTF Knife

Kershaw Livewire OTF Knife Review

I struck gold geographically when I bought property in Northwest Oregon. I’m remote enough that I don’t see people unless I want to, but close enough to towns to enjoy the amenities. Even more enjoyable from a gear reviewer’s perspective is the wealth of blade manufacturers located along the Columbia river. CRKT, Gerber, Benchmade, and […]

Shooting Straight: Ditch Your Home Defense Shotgun

wilson combat shotgun

Times change. That applies to more than the disturbing resurgence of 90s clothing or the way trucks are turning into glorified Tonka toys. Your home defense shotgun—the one that’s propped up near the front door or leaning against the wall by your bed—it’s time to get rid of it. Or, at least, store it properly […]

The 5.7×28 Round is Unique, But Is It Really Useful?

For the record, I own, shoot, and enjoy guns that are chambered for the 5.7×28 round. It’s ultra-fast and uber-fun. But is it another one of those “solutions in search of a problem” like many of the other allegedly hot calibers that have come and gone over the years? That’s the question I’ve come to […]

Anti-Gun Physicians Playing a Game of Gun Control Telephone

doctor lies quack follow the science

Fake mass-shooting data has infected the medical community for a long time, and the infection is spreading. As soon as one anti-gun doctor publishes flawed research, another like-minded physician will piggyback on the previous study. It’s almost like the children’s telephone game, because the final message is always indecipherable. Too many health care professionals see […]

Henderson: ‘I Can’t Afford to Wait on the Police, so I Armed Myself’

black woman women gun owner range train

“I’m not telling people to go out and start spraying [bullets], that’s not what I’m telling people to do but we also have to be realistic about what we are up against,” [Keisha] Henderson said.  Safety concerns and what she says is a lack of action from the city is why she became a licensed […]