Remember the Ideal Conceal .380 ‘Cell Phone’ Gun? [Video Review]

Well that was a novel idea. Ideal Conceal designed this little folding 2-shot 380 ACP derringer to have the same footprint as a typical smartphone when the grip is folded up over the trigger guard area.

Unfortunately for the now-defunct Ideal Conceal company, even when folded the thing really isn’t any easier to carrier than, for instance, a Ruger LCP MAX, which holds 11 rounds of the same pills and is ready to fire as soon as it clears leather.

IC380 folded up.

With the grip folded down into firing position (yes, the front strap consists of two sheetmetal edges) and the barrels tilted up for loading/unloading. It’s a 2-shot, 2-barrel derringer in an over/under configuration.

While the Ideal Conceal pistol was certainly attention-getting, it was an idea whose time never really came.



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