Urban Iguana Hunting With Tropical Trophies

Bucket list item checked off! While visiting family in Florida, I popped up to the West Palm Beach area to meet with Travis, owner of Tropical Trophies guide service to hunt some ditch dragons. That’s right, Iguana hunting, y’all.

Much to my surprise, we did this hunt along the manicured drainage ditch between a major arterial and a big shopping center. I had reservations, but as you’ll see in the video it’s all on the up-and-up, safe, and apparently just part of Florida man life haha. Check out the video above.

It was awesome and hilarious. Travis hunts all over the region, including hogs, turkeys, and more, but with my limited time between family activities, this was the best and most convenient option.

Florida is awesome, as we were encouraged and cheered on by assorted passers-by and diners eating on restaurant patios not 25 yards away from us. That cracked me up!

In about 90 minutes I had shot 25-ish iguanas right through the eye with Tropical Trophies’ incredibly accurate, .22 caliber RAW HM1000x airgun.

Travis and his dog collect all of the iguanas and any meat he and his hunters don’t want is donated to a few families who enjoy and appreciate it. I thought it was pretty good!

I know it’s cliche to say, but not only does iguana taste a lot like chicken, the meat color and texture and the bone structure of the legs is so dang similar that you could literally pass it off as chicken wings to almost anyone. It looks, feels, and tastes like sweeter-than-normal chicken. A little like chicken that was marinated in a little bit of maple syrup. Not bad at all!

Thank you so much to Tropical Trophies for taking me to hunt a pest species with a quick, couple-hour disappearance from family activities. It was an absolute blast and I’d highly recommend hitting up Travis if you ever find yourself in central/East Florida with an eye on nabbing some ditch dragons, wild hogs, turkeys, ducks, etc.


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  1. $400 for a guided 5-hour hunt. Potentially a $100,000 a year income for someone.

    I hope business is good for him, as those released pets from years back are a serious problem now. I’ve heard that in an infrequent near-freezing cold snap can cause them to drop from the trees…

  2. Seeing the last pics, I’m hearing the lyrics from Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio”:

    I wish I was in Tijuana
    Eating barbecued iguana.

    For pest control, a good .22 PCP airgun can’t be beat for areas where a firearm isn’t practical. I have a Gen1 Benjamin Marauder that I had a airgunsmith blueprint that will shoot one hole groups all day long at 25 yards or less with the right pellet (H&N Field Target Trophy). Plus it’s a cheap ($0.03/shot) to keep your shooting skills in practice.

    1. LKB
      I’ve had that ear worm since I read the article yesterday. Now I have to YouTube it so maybe it will go away

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