How Do You Carry Your Barbecue Gun ?

Galco Masterbilt Revenger holster

Many of us have a special gun in our safe. It’s not our daily carry gat, it’s one we take out and tote on those special occasions. Some call them barbecue guns. Whatever you call yours, you want something equally special with which to carry it.

That’s where Galco’s new Masterbilt series of hand made holsters comes in. They announced the Thunderclap for 1911 pistols, the first in the Masterbilt line, back in February. Now comes the new Revenger for revolvers (that Python looks particularly fetching in it). Masterbilt rigs aren’t inexpensive, but for a lot of people, they’ll be just thing thing to carry that special blaster in their collection.

Here’s Galco’s press release . . .

Perfectly mated to everyday carry guns or elegant special-occasion revolvers, the Revenger offers a unique set of features and best-quality construction methods. The Revenger fills out Galco’s Masterbilt series of best-quality, premier-grade holsters with a design exclusively for wheelguns.

Constructed of our finest, fully-lined premium steerhide, the Revenger features detailed hand-molding for both secure retention and a beautiful appearance. The smooth leather lining provides increased tactile feedback on the draw while easing wear on more-delicate revolver finishes. The refinement of leather lining is not only practical – it also enhances the overall look and feel of a hand-crafted premium holster.

The Revenger’s near-neutral (vertical) cant gives it the fastest, wrist-locked draw stroke, while the reinforced opening provides easy, one-handed return to the holster. The metal-reinforced tunnel-style belt loop provides excellent rigidity during carry and on the draw, and the trailing belt slot aids with concealment – even with large defensive revolvers. A molded sight rail prevents snags on the draw.

Equally at home concealed with an EDC revolver or worn openly with a barbeque gun, the Revenger is sure to impress friends – or help defeat enemies!

The Revenger fits belts up to 1 1/2” wide and is available in black or tan.

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  1. Currently, as a gag of sorts, I’ve been carrying my NAA Mini-Revolver in the front right watch pocket of my blue jeans.

    It’s proven to be a fun conversation starter at gatherings. I like to tell folks I’m trying to compensate for something, and I’d be happy to prove mine was bigger than the one I was issued with… 😉

      1. “I do the same thing sometimes with my PUG-T.”

        .22 mag?

        Crap, that stuff costs more than brass 9mm range ammo per round… 🙁

        1. EDIT – I will say one thing – NAA really upped their build quality since I bought my first mini-revolver with the .22 lr and .22 mag cylinders in the late 1990s. I had to send it back because some .22 mag ammo made the cylinder occasionally hang up. They fixed it up.

          The machine work on the back end of my latest mini’s lr cylinder looks completely different, and much cleaner overall. They may have upgraded to some CNC machines for their machine work. They overall look a lot better than the ones 20+ years back…

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