Delaware Judge Rejects Hunter Biden’s Request to Throw Out Gun Charges

hunter biden
Hunter Biden

Last night, a Delaware federal District Court judge shot down Hunter Biden’s attempt to get felony gun charges against him thrown out before his trial. In response to Biden’s claims that he’s being targeted and persecuted merely because he’s the son of the President, Judge Maryellen Noreika noted that the branch of government that’s prosecuting is headed by…his own father.

As Judge Noreika pointed out in her ruling . . .

To the extent that Defendant’s claim that he is being selectively prosecuted rests solely on his being the son of the sitting President, that claim is belied by the facts. The Executive Branch that charged Defendant is headed by that sitting President – Defendant’s father. The Attorney General and the DOJ was appointed by and reports to Defendant’s father. And that Attorney General appointed the Special Counsel who made the challenged charging decision in the case – while Defendant’s father was still the sitting president. Defendant’s claim is effectively that his own father targeted him for being his son, a claim that is nonsensical under the facts here. Regardless of whether Congressional Republicans attempted to influence the Executive Branch, there is no evidence that they were successful in doing so and, in any event, the Executive Branch prosecutig Defendant was at all relevant times (and still is) headed by Defendant’s father.


Hunter Biden Colt Cobra revolver

Biden the younger is charged with illegal possession and lying on a federal firearm purchase application (form 4473) when he bought a Colt Cobra revolver.

The first trial of a child of a sitting US President is scheduled to begin in early June.


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