After Dexter Reed Shooting, Media Attempt to Foment Cop Hatred, Racial War…Again

Screen capture by Boch via COPA/Vimeo.

You can’t hate the mainstream media enough. Those are strong words, but they’re well deserved and more. Take, for instance, the Washington Post’s coverage of the death of a violent Chicago felon.

Dexter Reed, 26, was illegally toting a gun the day he got pulled over. Instead of following simple and lawful directives from police during the traffic stop, he instead chose to perform a magazine dump on them, trying to kill them to elude capture.

The Chicago police did the only thing possible in the situation: they shot back at Dexter. They had the force of numbers, along with better training and superior accuracy.  They shot the would-be cop killer no longer posed a threat. That left him deader than an organ donor.

Here’s some video of the encounter…

How did the Washington Post “Democracy Dies in Darkness” cover it? First, in the grand tradition of Trayvon Martin, they grabbed an eight-year-old photo of the perp from his high school graduation. Then they slapped a misleading, sensationalistic headline on the story…

This is how WaPo covered a story about a man who opened fire on police during a traffic stop. Let’s break down the bodycam footage.

Then the WaPo’s Jennifer Hassan opened it with this gem:

Dexter Reed’s mother remembers the last time she saw her son alive. “Mom, I’m going for a ride,” he told her, before heading out in the car that he had purchased just three days earlier.

Reed, 26, was killed that same day, when tactical-unit police officers fired 96 bullets at him within 41 seconds, according to Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA, which investigates allegations of police misconduct and police shootings. “He was just riding around in his car,” Dexter’s mother, Nicole Banks, told Fox 32 Chicago on Tuesday, as she broke down in tears. “They killed him.”

WaPo’s narrative-driven scribe couldn’t manage to set aside her obvious hatred of the police to do even a modicum of research. If she had, she would see a police investigation showed that while 96 shots were fired, only 79 came from police (12+34+16+17+0 from the wounded officer). That leaves 17 rounds.

And what has a 17-round magazine?


Exactly. The perp’s gun fired the other 17 rounds.

In the mean time, the family are trying to portray wanna-be cop killer Dexter Reed as some sort of saint. They even had the bird-brained Mayor Brandon Johnson publicly lamenting the death of a violent criminal.

“My heart breaks for the family of Dexter Reed,” Hizzoner intoned. From WGN-TV . . .

Mayor Brandon Johnson held a news conference late Tuesday morning, attended by representatives of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, after COPA released the body-cam footage.

The mayor called the footage “deeply disturbing.”

The only thing disturbing was Dexter Reed’s refusal to follow simple, lawful commands.  And how he was willing to kill multiple innocent people to get away.

“I know this footage is extremely painful and traumatic for many of our city’s residents,” he said. “It will be especially difficult for those of us living in communities where the events depicted occur all too often.

“As mayor, and as a father raising a family — including two Black boys on the West Side — I am personally devastated to see yet another young Black man lose his life during an interaction with the police.”

Johnson said he spoke to Reed’s family over the weekend.

“My heart breaks for the family of Dexter Reed,” he said. “They are grieving the loss of a son, a brother and a nephew.”

The cynics among us may note how the mayor’s heart tends to break for the families of those killed by police, but not so much or so often for those killed by criminals and gang members. After all, it’s gang violence that drives Chicago’s violent crime problem, not “gun violence.”

This attempt to deify the violent felon and dead perp is part of an effort to provoke another George Floyd-type reaction and extort a settlement out of Chicago taxpayers for the death of a man who actively tried to kill cops.

The family, with the help of the mainstream media, are trying to use their kin’s attempted murder of police officers to win a big payout from Murder City, USA.

Let’s hope their efforts to strike it rich with a wrongful death lawsuit crumple as quickly as Dexter did.

11 Responses

  1. “Left him deader than an organ donor”
    I’ve heard theres some Chinese who might have something to say about that

  2. Amazing how some will not follow simple instructions because they feel they are being singled out due to their race etc
    But, yet they will risk their lives by not following orders and attempting to flee etc
    Do what they say and live to walk away is too difficult for some to comprehend.
    Such a shame and lives are lost needlessly.

    1. It’s racist to expect black people to follow orders. It’s racist to expect black people to not shoot at cops. It’s racist to expect black people to behave like civilized homosapiens.

  3. The only thing lost in this sordid affair was (likely) the career of the poor guy who caught a round to the wrist. Damn nasty wound. As for the turd known as DR, nothing lost there. I doubt he had made a $1000 honestly since he “graduated” high school eight years ago. No doubt he used an earned income tax credit as a down payment on a craptastic POS ride from the “buy here, pay here” car lot charging 48.98% interest. Because when you make bad choice after bad choice in life, you do those sorts of things. Good riddance Dexter.

  4. And WTF is his momma wearing on her head? Did she get that out of the children’s theater group’s costume bin? And the white ambulance chasing attorney next to her is as nice of a touch as that hat someone just bought from the Dollar Tree.

  5. All you have to do is listen to the mother to understand why this went down this way. She should be held accountable just like the parents of the Michigan school shooter.

  6. Wonder how they knew there was a seat belt violation considering the dark tinted windows and I suppose they were at a distance from the vehicle.
    Just a thought.

    1. It might be possible to see it from the front. Otherwise, they pulled him over because of the dark tinted windows. I’ve heard they like to use the seat belt excuse when they want to pull someone over.

      Also, they fired another 20 or so shots after he hit the ground. I’m not excusing the criminal. Just saying. Do better. Did the mayor say he was “personally devastated to see yet another” police officer shot?

      1. Having watched close to a thousand officer involved shooting videos over the years. Mag dumps in high stress shooting situations are much more common than not. During after action debriefs many officers have little recognition as to the number of times they pulled the trigger.

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