Good Gear: Crucial Concealment Covert OWB Holster

Having tried scores of holsters over the years, I’ve found there are no great mysteries as to what I look for in a rig. Whether it’s inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband, it needs to 1) be comfortable, 2) keep my pistol concealed, and 3) cover the parts of the gun that make it go bang.

Number three seems to be the one that’s easiest to check off. Any decent holster design should adequately cover the trigger area in order to keep clothes, keys, lanyards, whatever away from your trigger. Particularly with OWN rigs, harder part is ticking off numbers one and two. All too often, you get one or the other. If it’s comfortable, the holster doesn’t stay snug against your body. And if it stays close and prints less, too many I’ve tried aren’t as comfortable as I’d like.

Crucial Concealment’s Covert OWB holster gives me all three, plus some much appreciated extras.

The tigger guard area is covered, of course. And with a good gun belt, the Covert is comfortable and stays snugly against my body for minimal printage. On top of those three, though, it’s also relatively small and light weight. Other OWB Kydex holsters are larger, square-er affairs that are bigger than they need to be. I’m not sure I’d call the Covert’s design minimalist, but it’s doesn’t have much additional material than what’s immediately involved in holding and keeping the gun secure.

I really appreciate when holster makers print the gun the holster is made for on the back. This makes keeping my holster stash organized much easier.

On top of that, the Covert is flexible, and not in the bendy sense. The Covert’s polymer “Flex Loops” are angled and removable.

That lets you mix and match them to adjust the rig’s ride height and cant to fit your particular preferences.┬áThere’s also an adjustable retention screw. Here’s Crucial’s video showing how that’s done.


The covert is just as comfortable and concealable when carrying larger pistols, too.

More good news: the Crucial Concealment Covert is reasonably priced. Paying $65.99 for a well-designed, comfortable concealed carry holster you can wear every day is well within reach for most everyday carriers. The Covert’s become my go-to OWB holster and is unquestionably good gear.




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    1. If you are planning on OWB open carry, I’d get a level II holster minimum, and since you like leather — I got one of these for my Sig P365 XMacro and its been a great holster >

      but even if you don’t want a level II, for OWB open carry you can still get an active retention instead of that kydex passive retention (passive is the worst retention in the world against possible gun grabs), you can get one of these:

      All of the above falco holsters I posted above will also conceal with OWB as well, but also remember for IWB or OWB conceal with any holster your cover garment matters if you want to reduce printing.

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