X Files: Fact-Checking Michigan State Trooper Who Trashed CPL Holders

x-files mulder scully

The Michigan State Police took to X/Twitter to tell the the story of someone who misused a pistol during a road rage incident. Yesterday at about 1:30 PM, some state troopers responded to the scene of an accident on I-94 in Detroit. While they were blocking a lane or doing whatever they were doing to […]

Mexico’s President Tries to Shake Down America’s Gun Makers

Mexico's President Lopez Obrador News Conference

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thinks he can do no wrong. After all, U.S. federal courts are turning over sovereignty to the Mexican head of state at the same time he’s issuing ultimatums to the United States and thumbing his nose to Texas. U.S. District Judge Rosemary Marquez, of the U.S. District Court for […]

Good Gear: NeoMag Magazine Pocket Clips

You carry a spare magazine, don’t you? Well don’t you? How do you carry yours? In a belt pouch or holster? In a “sidecar” attached to your pistol holster? Do you just drop one in a pocket? However you carry it, good on you. You’re way ahead of most people who carry a gun every […]

Miltimore: Progressives See Armed Self-Defense as a Threat to the Collective Good

Critics of self-defense and gun rights have noted that for many, “the gun is the premier mark of individual sovereignty.” Yet many progressives see individual rights and individual sovereignty as a threat to the collective good; so the rights of individuals must be curbed and subordinated, as Trudeau has done with recent gun control legislation. Unfortunately, placing the “collective […]

Hands On with the New Magpul MOE PR Carbine Stock

Magpul always seems to be moving forward, whether it’s totally new products or new versions of existing items. Their new carbine stock is a little bit of both. The PR is what they call a full-size carbine stock, and mounts to a standard mil-spec carbine receiver extension or buffer tube. If you think it looks […]