Good Gear: NeoMag Magazine Pocket Clips

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip

You carry a spare magazine, don’t you? Well don’t you? How do you carry yours? In a belt pouch or holster? In a “sidecar” attached to your pistol holster? Do you just drop one in a pocket?

However you carry it, good on you. You’re way ahead of most people who carry a gun every day. Finding a good way to carry that spare mag, though, is important because if it’s bulky, clumsy, cumbersome, or uncomfortable, you’ll tend not to do it. And that would be bad.

That’s why the NeoMag is such a great option.

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip

NeoMags are small steel “trays” with one or two magnets embedded and secured to your pocket — just like a pocket knife — with a titanium pocket clip. That makes it simple to slip one in your pocket in the morning and have it ready if things every really go sideways.

NeoMag uses neodymium a magnet (or two) to securely hold your pocketed magazine in place, keeping it right there at hand should you need it. And if you do, it slips out with ease.

NeoMag gives you some options as to size, clip length, color, and type of magazine. The two main types are are the standard NeoMag and the “G” type for GLOCKs (and some 2011 magazines). The difference is, the G type has two magnets where the standard NeoMag has just one. GLOCK’s polymer-jacketed magazines require a little extra magnetism to grab and hold them, hence the second magnetic disk.

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip

It’s a simple design that simply works. There’s a round rubberized disk under the clip that helps hold onto the fabric of your pants pocket, ensuring the NeoMag stays put when you pull the magazine.

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip

The titanium clip is a deep carry design, so the magazine rides low and out of sight.

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip

The baseplate of the magazine sits just below the rim of your pocket where it’s easy to grab and pull free if and when you need it.

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip

I’ve used my NeoMag with magazines for everything from .380 ACP up to some .45 mags. And while my G19 isn’t my usual carry gun, it’s a pistol I sometimes carry, more so in colder months under more clothing. That’s why I spent the extra five dollars for the G type NeoMag.

NeoMag magnetic magazine pocket clip
Courtesy NeoMag

Depending on type and options, you’re going to spend between $45 to $55 dollars for a NeoMag. That may sound like a lot for pocket clip, but once you use one of these and see how convenient and comfortable these are to use on a daily basis, you’ll be able to more than justify the cost. They’re built well and have a lifetime guarantee, so short of running it over with a truck, it’s hard to see anything ever going wrong with one.

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  1. I use a Sticky Holster mag pouch to compliment my Sticky soft gun holster. I wouldn’t use the clip shown in this article, if only to keep pocket lint from having direct access to the inner space of the magazine.

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