Til Death Do Us Part: Violent Husband Shot Dead by Wife in South Carolina

Crime scene bullet casing

Local authorities have declined to charge a woman who shot and killed her husband just after 9pm on a Monday night. According to the woman, the couple had a violent domestics in the past. On that particular day, she cited previous threats to use weapons against her, so she hid the knives and the gun in her nightstand after her intuition told her things might go sideways.

Sure enough, things went sideways. At one point when the man came home, he went right for the night stand. He demanded his gun which she said she had thrown outside. When he went out to look for it, she locked the door. After failing to find the gun, the angry husband tried kicking in one of the doors to the house, at which point his bride fired a shot.

She then found him unresponsive and called her sons and 911.

Apparently evidence at the scene supported her accounts and police didn’t take her into custody or file charges. However, they’re still working on the investigation.

From Live5News:

Officers with the North Charleston Police Department are investigating a shooting that left a 38-year-old man dead Monday night.

An incident report states police responded at 9:02 p.m. to a home on Ginger Lane where the shooting had been reported…

The report states the woman told police that while the man sat in the driveway for “a period of time,” the woman hid knives in the house and removed the victim’s firearm that he kept in a nightstand to hide them, which she said was because he threatened her with weapons in other domestic disputes.

The woman told police the man returned to the door, entered the home and immediately went to his nightstand and opened the drawer where his gun was normally kept. The two argued again after the man told her repeatedly, “Just give me my gun.” She said she threw the gun outside to get the man to leave the home,

The woman said the man yelled, “You won’t be happy till I kill myself! As a matter of fact, I’ll kill you then kill myself!” She said he then began trying to kick in the side door of the home. After he kicked in the first door, she said she fired a single shot toward the inner door to “scare him off,” and that after that shot, the banging on the door stopped.

It’s always a bad day when married couples become violent to the point that one party or another has to resort to deadly force to defend their lives. However the woman in this little tragedy may well have saved her own life thanks to the availability of a gun.

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  1. “Shot Dead”

    What a stupid term.

    No one is ‘shot alive’ are they?

    Do we say ‘stabbed dead’? No. We say ‘fatally stabbed’.

    Do we say ‘ran over dead’ ? No, we say ‘killed on impact’ or ‘died as a result of being run over’ or ‘vehicular homicide’, etc….


  2. One blind shot through a barrier, and he’s done. I bet she didn’t train for that, but she knew enough to send a bullet his way.

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