Til Death Do Us Part: Violent Husband Shot Dead by Wife in South Carolina

Crime scene bullet casing

Local authorities have declined to charge a woman who shot and killed her husband just after 9pm on a Monday night. According to the woman, the couple had a violent domestics in the past. On that particular day, she cited previous threats to use weapons against her, so she hid the knives and the gun […]

The Return of the World’s Greatest Shooter Competition

Asking who’s the world’s greatest anything can kick off quite a spirited discussion. It seems everyone has an opinion on that. And we all know about opinions -everyone has one (or more). So, I ask, who’s the world’s greatest all-around shooter? Not the greatest shooter of a (your competition category here)…the best all-around shooter in […]

Personal Defense: Learn the Big 3 Checklist for the Use of Deadly Force

Woman gun range training practice

Using firearms in self-defense, whether in the home or out in public, is deadly serious business. That’s why, as a society, we came up with rules governing the justifiable use of deadly force in the United States of America. The following rules, or what we call “The Big 3 Checklist” have been codified and affirmed […]

The Nation’s Anti-Gun Mayors and Governors Have a Problem With Reality

Eric Adams,Alvin Bragg

Several of the nation’s most ardent gun control activist governors and mayors of the largest metropolitans are staring down a divergent reality. They continue to stick with publicizing increasing gun control restrictions on law-abiding citizens as crime is going down in many – though not all – major cities, while gun sales continue to increase […]

It’s the Same Everywhere…No One is Coming to Save You

“I’m not a fortune teller – I never know when I will be attacked,”…YouTube content creator [Penson Mlotshwa] told the BBC. “Unfortunately, I’ve had to use my gun multiple times to protect myself,” he sighs, explaining how a man wanting his wallet pulled a knife on him after dinner one night. He drew his gun […]