NYPD Doesn’t Want to Disclose How Many Gun Permits They’ve Issued…For Some Reason

NYPD gun permit application new york city
Courtesy Gothamist

The number of New Yorkers petitioning to arm themselves with guns — both at home and on the streets — more than doubled last year, according to new data on NYPD license and permit applications obtained by Gothamist.

But the NYPD will not say how many gun license and concealed carry permit applications it has approved, even as the department faces a class-action lawsuit claiming it takes too long to review applications.

The surging number of applications follows a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2022 that found New York’s gun licensing regime was too strict. Last year, the NYPD License Division received 13,369 to possess a handgun or rifle at home. That’s 80% more applications for home licenses than the department got in 2022, and nearly triple the applications it got in 2019.

The increase was even starker for concealed carry applications, which jumped from 258 in 2019 to 6,751 last year, according to NYPD data.

— Samantha Max in More New Yorkers are applying for gun permits. The NYPD won’t say how many they granted.

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    1. Few of those in progress but appeals for “sensitive” information take a while. But statewide we are almost seeing stuff sold as quickly as during Covid+riots. Worse for them is requiring a pistol permit just to pick up a semi auto 10/22. They done goofed as people realize 22 pistols are fun then bigger can be better.

      1. Get the lawsuits flying to kill those ‘required permits’, that should be easy enough…

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