SNW VIDEO: Thinking Outside the Box With Heritage Rough Rider and Barkeep .22 Revolvers

Some say Jeremy just isn’t the same as the rest of us. Some say he’s a divergent thinker. We say he’s someone who looks at the world as it is, dreams of things that never were…and then says, ‘Why not?’

3 Responses

  1. My brother once suggested mixing Bourbon with Kaopectate…solve two problems with one solution. He asked “Why not?”.

    What were the two problems?

    1. Certain, ummm, discomfort.
    2. Not being able to go out with the guys because of that discomfort.

    He tried it but I refused to allow him to ride in my car. Just in case.

  2. Are we sure he wasn’t dropped on his head when he was very small? Maybe that’s why I like his reviews so much.

  3. Why are you using YouTube? I too wonder if Jeremy wasn’t dropped on his head… repeatedly… as a child.

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