Gun Review: Savage Renegauge Security – The Tactical Option

The tactical shotgun market has had a nice explosion of new guns and gear aimed at bringing the scattergun back to its former glory. The semi-auto market has seen new and modern entries from Mossberg, Beretta, and now Savage. Savage released the Renegauge years ago as a sporting shotgun. It took them a good bit […]

Texas AG Sues 5 Businesses That Ban Peace Officers Who Carry Guns

Texas Rangers

Private property is private property. An owner of a business has the right to restrict or outright ban the carrying of firearms on his or her property if they so choose. The public then has the right to decide not to patronize that business. But Texas has a law that gives peace officers the right […]

All the Right People Demanding U of Memphis Rittenhouse Event Be Shut Down

Turning Point USA is holding an event with invited Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis on March 20th. In a city racked with gang violence and a Soros-funded prosecutor who selectively prosecutes — if at all — Memphis has a well-deserved reputation as a very violent city. That’s why some say it’s a bold […]