All the Right People Demanding U of Memphis Rittenhouse Event Be Shut Down

Turning Point USA is holding an event with invited Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis on March 20th. In a city racked with gang violence and a Soros-funded prosecutor who selectively prosecutes — if at all — Memphis has a well-deserved reputation as a very violent city. That’s why some say it’s a bold move to bring Rittenhouse there to speak.

On the plus side, the upcoming event has a whole lot of woke, social justice warrior-types hopping mad. You can see and hear the utter contempt for Rittenhouse in this story.

Once again, advocates of “diversity” are now advocating not for diversity of thought and freedom of speech, but for outright censorship of unapproved messages and the reviled messengers who communicate them.

Just read this story by television outlet and see if you can count the anti-gun, self-defense-hating liberal tears. It virtually drips with hatred for Rittenhouse and what he did do defend himself.

The President of the University of Memphis is being asked to deny an on-campus appearance by Kyle Rittenhouse. He is the young man who shot three Black Lives Matter protestors nearly four years ago, killing two of them.

Rittenhouse claimed the shootings were self-defense. After being acquitted, he’s become a lightning-rod of controversy, an altruistic icon for the right—a symbol of racism and separatist ideals for the left.

At the University of Memphis, Rittenhouse’s upcoming speaking engagement this month is all the buzz—”I think he’s bold for coming to Memphis,” freshman Tyler Bickerman lauded to Action News 5, “I think it’s a bold choice given the demographics and the feelings people have toward him.”

”They definitely shouldn’t do that,” sophomore Journee Dunn stated while taking the opposite stance, “especially because we have a large population of Black students on campus, so you want them to feel safe. It’s kind of the opposite of doing that.”

Rittenhouse was just 17 when he shot and killed two BLM protestors and injured a third during an uprising in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020 following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. He was found not guilty on all charges, quickly wrote a book, and is now touring the country.

Fortunately, the University of Memphis is actually pushing back. They released this . . .

The upcoming event at the University of Memphis featuring Kyle Rittenhouse is not sponsored by the University. A registered student organization, University of Memphis TPUSA, is hosting the event. Under the First Amendment and Tennessee’s Campus Free Speech Act, the University of Memphis cannot legally prohibit such events from being hosted by a registered student organization.

It’s probably a good thing the Volunteer State’s legislature passed the Tennessee Campus Free Speech Act.  After all, local politicians are aggressively trying to shut the event down . . .

Former Shelby County Commissioner and U of M alum Tami Sawyer took to social media to urge U of M President Bill Hardgrave to deny Turning Point USA’s request to use the UC Theater for Rittenhouse’s visit.

“Presenting this event as a Second Amendment rights speech,” she posted to X, “at a time when students fear for their lives due to gun violence nationwide is reprehensible.”

Here’s more from broad-minded uniter Tami Sawyer . . .

Free speech is scary. Deal with it.

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    1. Notice in the linked ‘tweet’ the guy objects on ‘Diversity-Equity-Inclusion’ grounds which specifically suppresses constitutional rights in favor of a DEI agenda

      ‘Diversity-Equity-Inclusion’ (AKA DEI) are just another name for a ‘Marxists socialism’ concept, or in other words a ‘communism’.

      First, lets begin with ‘Equity’: Equity is the goal of all DEI programs, which is to say that DEI programs exist to force captive audiences of people to achieve “equitable” redistribution of resources, status, and wealth according to neo-Marxist Identity Theories like Critical Race Theory.

      Next, ‘Diversity’: Diversity initiatives are rooted in the goal of installing (placing, enacting) ideologically consistent political officers (or people) within organizations to effect and enforce policies directed toward achieving equity. These political officers, often called “Diversity Officers,” (but may be known included under other titles such as ‘human resources’) are in fact a rebranding of the older concept of commissars, who enforced socialism in the same way.

      Finally, ‘Inclusion’: Inclusion is an overarching value structure for the “Diverse and Equitable” commissar system that’s being installed. In fact, it’s a justification not for inclusion as most people understand it, but for censorship and purges, just like in any Communist state. Inclusion, and its extension in “Belonging,” are a manipulative strategy akin to Mao Zedong’s “unity, criticism, unity” formula for taking over not just institutions but the value structure of populations and bending them toward socialism (e.g. communism or, in this case, called by the deceptive term ‘equity’).

      Kyle simply defended himself. He had a fire arm and used it to defend himself. There was nothing racist in that. Even one of the people he was forced to defend himself against broke down and basically said he was going to kill Kyle and video evidence showed the truth that such defense was justified even though a left wing prosecutor tried to keep that evidence from being seen.

  1. I bet most of the people protesting his appearance aren’t even aware of the facts surrounding his encounter with violent BLM pedos.

  2. Except for the jew, everyone he shot was white. You’d think the BLM types would be applauding that.

    Sadly, a lot of people still think he shot blacks.

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