President Whose ‘Lifetime Taught Him to Embrace Freedom’ Wants to Ban Commonly Used Firearms

From the CCRKBA

Near the end of his extremely partisan State of the Union address, President Joe Biden declared his vision for the future to “restore the right to choose and protect other freedoms, not take them away,” but that obviously doesn’t include choosing to own firearms, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms stated in response.

“Joe Biden told that fib several minutes after demanding a ban on an entire class of firearms, which happen to be in common use across the country,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “He claimed that his lifetime has taught him to embrace freedom and democracy, but that obviously doesn’t include the freedom to keep and bear arms. 

“He boasted about creating an office of ‘gun violence prevention,’ which translates to the first-ever White House office of gun control and citizen disarmament,” the veteran gun rights advocate noted. “It’s a thinly-disguised mini-bureaucracy whose only possible function is to lobby for more restrictive gun laws. 

“He claims that banning guns doesn’t violate the Second Amendment or vilify responsible gun owners,” Gottlieb continued. “The hell it doesn’t. Millions of honest American men and women of all races and political backgrounds have already embraced the freedom to choose what constitutionally-protected firearms they want to responsibly own, and along comes Biden with a demand that those arms be banned. 

“This president vilifies gun owners every time he demands new restrictions on Second Amendment rights because he’s literally telling a hundred-million citizens he doesn’t trust them,” he observed. “He claimed his lifetime has taught him to respect everyone, but he obviously doesn’t mean America’s gun owners, because his entire political career has focused on disrespecting their rights, banning the guns they own and diminishing their freedom.

“President Biden has a history of telling whoppers,” Gottlieb stated, “and his State of the Union campaign speech certainly held to that tradition where gun rights are concerned. He may have fooled Democrats in Congress and his media cheerleaders, but he didn’t fool American gun owners.”

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  1. “the first-ever White House office of gun control and citizen disarmament”

    There’s the ATF which a completely unnecessary agency.

    “He may have fooled Democrats in Congress and his media cheerleaders…”

    He didn’t fool those people. When pundits and dem pols are saying Biden is at the top of his game, they obviously don’t mean it. These are all very dishonest people. No wonder they like the Puppet. He’s known for having to drop out of a presidential primary because he got caught lying. He said he wanted to run for president in 2020 because Trump supported Neo-Nazis. That’s another doozy of a lie that the propagandists are still repeating. The difference between 2020 and 1988 is that our modern media has become even more biased and corrupt. Trump has to be Hitler so they can justify taking him out by any means necessary.

  2. I didn’t count but the speech contained multiple references to President Trump and the word Democracy was often repeated.
    It isn’t Trump’s fault and we live in a Constitutional Republic. The use of “all Americans” was also false, since it is clear that this administration does not respect nor uphold the rights of “all Americans”. All does not mean all when spoken by this administration.

  3. This stuck out to me too. Until the D’s drop this gun banning nonsense they cannot claim the banner of supporting Freedom.

    1. Yeah because if they weren’t so anti-Second Amendment, they could be known as the freedom party. That is except when they constantly violate the Bill of Rights, like it means nothing. Seriously. Review each of the ten amendments, and compare it to what Democrats have been doing in the past few years. They hate freedom, unless we’re talking about the freedom for children to be indoctrinated into alternative secks stuff. Or the freedom for children to permanently alter their bodies, or even make them infertile. Or the freedom for teachers to hide what kids are doing in case their parents disapprove. They love that kind of freedom. Joe has their backs.

  4. “President Whose ‘Lifetime Taught Him to Embrace Freedom”

    The “freedom” he is talking about is not “liberty freedom”.

    Ya notice Biden never in his speeches says ‘our constitutional republic’ and ’embrace liberty’ ? Instead its things like ‘our democracy’ and ’embrace freedom’

    There is a reason for this. He’s deceiving the people like all Marxist Socialists do, its because Biden is a Marxist Socialists.

    Freedom is an internal construct of self-determination and will, while liberty is a social condition of free people living together in society.

    Karx Marx also embraced ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ in his socialism in a Hegelian Dialectics manner, it is a goal of Marxist Socialism. That is, overall, that in Marxist Socialism there is a ‘democracy’ of a ‘ruling class’ (e.g. the majority) that get to decide who is or is not a member of the society, how people are treated, what privileges they have in that society (not rights, but rather privileges and responsibilities to serve the society), and through this all that are accepted in that society are ‘equal’ in that society and thus have ‘freedom’ – with all this ‘managed’ and ‘enacted’ and ‘overseen’ by an ‘elite class’. Then once this ‘democracy freedom’ is put in place, its the “self-determination and will” of the ‘ruling elite’ that runs the ‘society’. Or in other words, it is the establishment of an ‘authoritarian/totalitarian communism’. One key aspect of installing such is the ‘ruling elite’ start using fiat to ‘weaponize’ the ‘government’ against the people to force them to follow the dictates of the authoritarian ‘ruling elite’ – Biden is in this stage now, his executive orders designed to specifically usurp the power of congress law making by directing his agencies to circumvent the law by ‘rule making’ to create ‘defacto law’ and excessive and unwarranted persecution while suppressing or trying to circumvent constitutional rights while trying to redefine in favor of government what rights are . Hes done it with the ATF, EPA, FCC, IRS, DHS, FBI, with installing DEI programs in government agencies, and by so much more.

    There is a reason our country is a ‘constitutional republic’ and not a ‘democracy’ – its because the founders understood the dangers of a ‘democracy’ and understood that people like Biden (e.g. what is now known as Maxist Socialists would come one day proclaiming ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ to dupe the people, and the reason they made sure our inherent natural unalienable 2A right was clearly spelled out that it can not be infringed to send the message that we can resist that tyranny when the time came), the founders even in their writings in the federalist papers outlined this what is know today as the Maxist Socialism put forth by Biden. So overall …. Why the U S is a constitutional republic – not a democracy >

    I’ve been posting about this Marxist Socialism Biden and the democrats want to put in place. So instead or write it all out again here, the links >

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