Guns are for Everyone: More LGBT People are Buying Guns, But They Have a Way to Go to Catch Up

LGBT gun owners training ATW Firearms Instruction
Courtesy ATW Firearms Instruction

In her courses, [firearm instructor Clara] Elliott teaches the importance of first aid and deescalation techniques alongside firearms knowledge. Class fees are on a sliding scale, and she sends free self-defense kits to trans and nonbinary people. The kits include a stun gun, pepper spray, and box cutters—but also condoms and lip balm, because, Elliott says, “protecting yourself is more than just being able to be armed.” She’s written a zine about gun safety, which she sells in ATW Firearms Instruction’s online shop alongside stickers that say “Trantifa” and mugs that read “This Queer Shoots Back.”

For Charlotte Clymer, though, there’s nothing cute about gun ownership. The writer and LGBTQ+ activist is a trans woman who’s also an Army veteran. “I think it is completely rational for a trans person to decide to purchase a firearm for self-defense,” she says—provided that such a person trains to be a responsible gun owner. What worries her is what she describes as an online trend of trans people posting photos of themselves holding guns and acting like there’s something funny about gearing up: “I really do think a lot of trans people are gravitating towards this idea that doing an ironic show of force will be helpful for their own safety and for the safety of the community at large. All that does is provoke a sense of distrust and anger in people who are already anti-trans.”

At any rate, the percentage of LGBTQ+ people who actually own guns is probably relatively small. A 2018 UCLA law school survey found that while 35 percent of straight adults have a gun at home, only 19 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults do. Similarly, LGBTQ+ people are more likely than straight people to support stronger gun-control laws. “Anybody who’s a left-leaning gun owner does find themselves politically and culturally homeless,” [Wake Forest sociology professor David] Yamane says.

— Andrew Beaujon in LGBTQ+ Gun Owners Are Breaching the Right-Wing Arms Bubble

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  1. Combining these disparte groups always makes for messy statistics. Separating G (overwhelmingly linked to attacks in childhood), L, female B, and T (peer/psychologist inflicted) is needed for these numbers to have any use.

  2. Short of rape or child molestation/abuse, I am simply uninterested in anyone else’s sexual behavior. Not my circus, not my monkey. I am equally uninterested in any limitations on who is “entitled” to exercise their inherent RKBA. If you want to carry, carry. If you want to own a gun, own a gun. Unless you are an incarcerated felon (I am still a little undecided about paroled felons), I. DON’T. CARE. Black person wants to own a gun, that’s fine with me. Woman, Leftist, gay, lesbian, even a tranny (although that obviously implicates mental illness, which is a whole ‘nother discussion), I. DON’T. CARE.

    Yes, I strongly believe any gun owner (and certainly anyone who carries) has a moral obligation to get trained; I simply do not trust the government to have ANY participation in defining or enforcing what “training” is. For one thing, I’ve know and shot alongside too many LEOs, military and ex-military, etc. who were simply incompetent at gun safety or effective shooting (the range I used to shoot at, when I lived in the LA area, was frequented by many LEOs). The government can’t train it’s own employees to be competent gun handlers, so I’ll be damned if I’ll subject my RKBA to those morons.

    There are good LEOs and military/ex-military out there, who could outshoot me any time. Lots of them. I won’t even say they are the exception. But there are PLENTLY of the other kind, and they are all “qualified” according to their employer. I have a strict rule with gun ranges – if I see truly unsafe gun handling, I report it to the RSO. If nothing is done, I pack up and leave. I have noticed that many RSOs are inclined to let LEOs slide on that, and I have packed up and left the range multiple times because some idiot LEO was behaving unsafely on the line. I’ve spent MANY dollars and hours investing in good, competent, private training – it’s my obligation if I am going to carry – probably more than at least MOST cops. But I will decide what is necessary/appropriate for me, not some idiot bureaucrat (like Steve Dettelbach, as one obvious example).

    Sorry, /rant over/.

  3. I think of trannies with guns like the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch whom openly post on their social media about wanting to murder normal people with their guns and I think they should all be forced back into the closet and this crap should get de-normalized.

  4. Some of Rachel’s interest stemmed from her growing embrace of far-left politics, as she decided “it’s kind of difficult to believe capitalism should be fought by any means necessary and also be against guns.”

    Oh cool. One of her reasons for getting into guns is so she can violently overthrow capitalism. Is this the part where I’m supposed to celebrate communist revolutionaries because they own guns too? Is this a joke? Is gun ownership now an official ideology where you toss out logic in the name of MOAR gun ownership?

    Rachel met her partner, Lilah, at a protest after reports that the Supreme Court planned to overturn Roe v. Wade. For Lilah, the looming SCOTUS decision was part of “a rising tide of fascism in this country” that peaked on January 6.

    This is a peek into the mind of a Leftist. You know how some people tune them out when they try to associate white people and Christians with Nazis, by calling them white nationalists or Christian nationalists? You know how absurd it is when the pundits are warning people (for the millionth time) that Trump is “literally worse than Hitler?” Deeply partisan Democrats actually believe that stuff. They’re also literally telling us they’re arming up to overthrow our way of life and system of governance. Who’s the “threat to democracy” again?

    “All the people who want to kill the people I care about have guns,” Rachel says. “So I do, too.”

    How does Rachel know they have guns? It’s because the stereotypical person who “hates lgbt” is right wing. Obama said those people were desperate clingers, desperately clinging to their Bibles and guns. More stereotypes. The Party of acceptance and inclusion loves their stereotypes.

    Attention Dan & staff,
    You guys completely missed the mark with this article. You set the tone with your title: Guns are for Everyone: More LGBT People are Buying Guns, But not Enough, Fast Enough (slightly paraphrased).

    Your article should have been how terrible we’re doing with outreach. No, I don’t mean everybody go buy MOAR GUNZ. I mean, why do they think like they do? Note how their title set the tone for their story: LGBTQ+ Gun Owners Are Breaching the Right-Wing Arms Bubble
    In a time of rising fear and polarization, liberals are increasingly taking up arms—and challenging a gun culture long dominated by conservatives.

    Notice how their tone is the complete opposite of yours. You’re basically saying, the more the merrier. They’re saying that guns for a right wing thing that they are “breaching.” It isn’t that they have found something in common with us. They’re acting like we want nothing to do with them, so they’re going to arm up as well because we’re different (rising fear and polarization). That’s scary. We need to work on a lot more than just promoting gun ownership.

    1. *Edit: They’re saying that guns *are a right wing thing that they are “breaching.”

      (An edit function would be awesome)

    2. “Some of Rachel’s interest stemmed from her growing embrace of far-left politics, as she decided “it’s kind of difficult to believe capitalism should be fought by any means necessary and also be against guns.”

      Yeah, I caught that in the linked article too. Its hard to argue that the left wing ‘LGBTQ’ (and what ever letters or numbers or symbols come after that now, I got tired of trying to keep up with make believe and nonsense) is not engaged in ‘violent means’ and trying to overthrow the country when the very left wing ‘LGBTQ’ people the left-wing emboldens and facilitates and embraces come right out and say the plan is ‘violence’ to overthrow the country.

      In other words ‘Rachel’ is another ignorant ‘communist socialist’ (not a Marxists socialists) with a goal to violently overthrow the country killing anyone who doesn’t agree with her (’cause that’s what happens in a ‘communist socialist’ overthrow of a country – so essentially ‘Rachel’ is planning for murder).

      (note: Marxists, politically today, don’t support gun rights when Karl Marx himself did but Karl Marx supported it only so far as a means to overthrow a country by force to install a ‘socialism’ that was intended to take its natural course to survive by becoming totalitarianism communism, the great deception of the ‘socialism’ cause. So in short it doesn’t matter if Rachel is another ignorant ‘communist socialist’ or even an ignorant wayward ‘Marxists socialist’ – the end result of either form of ‘socialism’ is eventually a totalitarianism communism. And Rachael is also ignorant because under a ‘true socialist’ or ‘communism’ or ‘totalitarianism communism’ regime once its in place fully the ‘little people in the masses’ who helped bring it about, especially those who were ‘something something other gender’ are marginalized and ‘muted’ and then eventually eliminated in some way through participation denial or otherwise directly or by attrition and only continue to exist by the will of the ‘state’ instead of a ‘human right to exist’. Seriously, I can simply not understand how these people could be so ignorant – they exist now in the U.S. only because we have a Constitution giving us a free country that engages in capitalism and here is this ‘Rachel’ critter wanting to do away with the very thing that allows ‘Rachel’ to have a ‘human right to exist’ and a ‘free voice and choice of liberty’ in the U.S..)

      1. also of interest with the comments of ‘Rachel’ is its the same basic idea of mental illness ‘violent overthrow’ indicated in the manifesto of the trans Nashville school-shooter. Its a shame that a person can be so brain washed by such left wing propaganda and ideology and adopt that as their ‘persona’ as who they are instead of just being who they are. If you want to be gay or trans or what ever else the LGBTQ community can come up with, be that and leave everyone else alone, stop the implied and actual and planned violence you have in mind, and stop trying to make everyone in the world your emotional support animal to affirm your self-adopted ‘pronouns’ or ‘sexual-gender-preference’, be your own person and not some throw-away-tool of the left wing propaganda and ideology.

      2. Marxists socialist, politically today, don’t support gun rights. That’s how we know the ‘Democrat party’ is really the ‘Marxists socialist’ party, and how we know the anti-gun orgs and Joe Biden are really ‘Marxists socialist’ even if they claim to not be. They try real hard to claim ‘our democracy’ but notice they never say ‘our constitutional republic’. In a democracy the majority get to make the ‘rules’ thus they become the ‘ruling class’ overall represented by a ‘ruling class of elites’, which is a basic ideal of the ‘Marxists socialism’ concept.

        The founders understood this danger of ‘democracy’, thus they established a ‘constitutional republic’ and enshrined in the Bill of Rights the unalienable inherent human rights in the first 10 ‘amendments’, the second of which we all know. And the reason for that was basically because the founders understood the dangers of a ‘democracy’ establishing a ‘ruling class’ of “the majority’, or in other words, what later became known as ‘Marxists socialism’ or more commonly referred to as (a form of) ‘tyranny’. So the real reason the anti-gun orgs and Joe Biden and the ‘democrat party’ and the left wing agenda for ‘gun control’ is because an armed populace able to resist that tyranny keeps them from installing completely a ‘Marxists socialism’ in which ‘rights’ are really treated as ‘permissions’ controlled by the ‘ruling class’ or the ‘rights’ are removed by the ‘ruling class’, represented by a ‘ruling class of elites’, to be as they want or desire. Or in other words if the Second Amendment falls every unalienable inherent human right in the Constitution falls and so does our country, the founders understood this.

        1. And in case no one has noticed, installing this ‘Marxists socialism ruling class’ has already started. For example: ‘Diversity-Equity-Inclusion’ (AKA DEI) are just another name for a ‘Marxists socialism’ concept, and Biden has installed the ‘White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention’ which is composed of only those with an anti-gun agenda from anti-gun orgs and they are formulating and implementing policy and completely eliminates any input from other than their fellow ‘Marxists socialist’. The California governor and democrat leadership and the many school boards in California are also an example of installing a ‘Marxists socialism ruling class’, they get to decide if your 6 year old child can be taken from you if you do not want your child to undergo the transformation from one state-of-being to another state-of-being (in the case of California transform the natural biological gender to another non-natural biological gender ‘identity’) – just like Mao Zedong did to take children away from parents to place children in ‘education’ camps to indoctrinate them in ‘socialism’ or in other words one state-of-being to another state-of-being in ‘identity’

          (note: ‘Diversity-Equity-Inclusion’ (AKA DEI) are just another name for a ‘Marxists socialism’ concept, or in other words a ‘communism’.

          First, lets begin with ‘Equity’: Equity is the goal of all DEI programs, which is to say that DEI programs exist to force captive audiences of people to achieve “equitable” redistribution of resources, status, and wealth according to neo-Marxist Identity Theories like Critical Race Theory.

          Next, ‘Diversity’: Diversity initiatives are rooted in the goal of installing (placing, enacting) ideologically consistent political officers (or people) within organizations to effect and enforce policies directed toward achieving equity. These political officers, often called “Diversity Officers,” (but may be known included under other titles such as ‘human resources’) are in fact a rebranding of the older concept of commissars, who enforced socialism in the same way.

          Finally, ‘Inclusion’: Inclusion is an overarching value structure for the “Diverse and Equitable” commissar system that’s being installed. In fact, it’s a justification not for inclusion as most people understand it, but for censorship and purges, just like in any Communist state. Inclusion, and its extension in “Belonging,” are a manipulative strategy akin to Mao Zedong’s “unity, criticism, unity” formula for taking over not just institutions but the value structure of populations and bending them toward socialism (or, in this case, equity).

      3. ‘Rachel’ is representative of the tip of the proverbial ‘ice berg’ of left wing violent/criminal extremism.

        Far-left extremism refers to groups and/or individuals that support violence and/or criminal activity explicitly, or implicitly, to further aspects of an agenda, usually an agenda based in some way in a Marxist and/or Socialist and/or Leninist and/or Stalinist belief – but there are even more aspects aside from these. In fact, today, even though not officially acknowledged by our current ‘tyrant led’ government, collectively, far-left extremism is the single greatest potential domestic-terrorism threat in our country and large areas of the LGBTQ community are composed of these far-left extremism members. This is not to say that all in the LGBTQ community are like these far-left extremism members or like ‘Rachel’, in fact there are many in the LGBTQ community that are politically right wing conservative that embrace our country and constitution and just want to live their lives. But there are many left wing violent/criminal extremism people in the LGBTQ community just as there are in the BLM movement and any left-wing ‘activist’ type organization including anti-gun organizations. And like the far-left extremism ‘Rachel’, this entire far-left extremism is preparing to bring that violence or criminality to you in some way and in fact we more recently had a demonstration of it more publicly in the form of the Nashville trans shooter.

        The left-wing tries to say it does not exist, they try to paint the right-wing as the only source of such ‘extremism’ – but in reality their narrative fails because its really hard to argue that left wing violent/criminal extremism does not exist when far-left wing violent/criminal extremism people are plastered all over social media, and also indirectly in MSM, in thousands of instances annually advocating for, or conducting, this extremism and coming right out and saying it like, for example, ‘Rachel’ did. Heck, they even gather in large groups and organize in plain sight and have their own conventions (e.g., for example, the Democratic Socialists of America with their underlying goal of a Marxist socialism society implementation in the U.S. and such Marxist socialism society implementation is always bought about through violence and they endorse violent means by endorsing, more recently, Hammas terrorism and their members and leadership have in public rallies called for violence against innocent Americans. These far-left wing violent/criminal extremism people are everywhere today, in liberals and anti-gun and media and drag shows and LGBTQ and DEI programs and all sorts of others and groups and programs and even state governments (e.g. California), and heck, even the anti-gun gun control is a part of it being based in racism and a modern Marxist socialism view of being opposed to individual constitutional rights in favor of a ‘collective right they control’ and the gun-controllers have even said so in many court cases and even Biden has proclaimed its concepts in his speeches – its all just waiting to happen to bring that violence and/or criminality to you in some form.

  5. A good informative read is, “You Can Trust the Communist (to do exactly as they say)” by Dr Fred Schwarz.

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