SIG SAUER Updates Their 1911s With the New 1911-XSERIES Pistols

There are a lot of guns you think of when you think of SIG SAUER handguns. First and foremost in most people’s minds these days are the P365 line of everyday carry guns and the P320 full-size line. And for those of us who are older than 40, the P226 and P229 have prominent places in our hearts.

And while SIG’s made 1911 pistols for decades, they’ve sort of receded in prominence in recent years as the 365 and 320 have taken center stage and sold by the bajillions. Now, SIG is doing something about that by updating reimagining their 1911 line with their new 1911-XSERIES pistols.

You’ll notice some distinctly 320-ish lines in the slides of the two models — three versions of the 5-inch X-FULL are available now, with a 4.25-inch XCARRY model coming later this year. And both come optics ready, of course, because this is 2024 and whether you use one or not, red dot readiness is a must.

The classic 1911 has joined the Red Dot Revolution with the introduction of the new 1911-XFULL. A balance of classic engineering and style with modern upgrades including an ultra-low-profile direct-mount optic capability and XRAY3 Day/Night sights for extreme sight picture visibility. An adjustable flatblade trigger and custom G10 grip panels from LOK Grips takes shooting ergonomics to the next level for exceptional handling and comfort.

Outfitted with a railed stainless-steel frame, ambidextrous safety, front and rear serrations, and a removable metal magwell. A stylized carbon steel slide, unrivaled custom aesthetics, and a serrated front strap bring upgraded features to a timeless platform.

The 1911-XFULL is available in three full-size 5-inch options:

    •  Nitron frame with optic-ready XSERIES slide (Compact optic footprint)
    • Nitron frame with a ROMEO-X Compact red dot sight
    • Coyote PVD frame with optic-ready XSERIES slide (Compact optic footprint)

Chambered in .45AUTO

Coming Spring 2024: The 4.25-inch 1911-XCARRY

4 Responses

  1. Wonder what it would take to run one with .45 Super. That and a Cross would be a pretty ideal hunting combo, or at least 10mm.

    1. TBH, I’m rather curious about 10mm as well.

      I would say that I’d enjoy having a modern PCC+pistol combo in 10mm, to go along with a nice old fashioned carbine+wheelgun combo in .44 Mag. If those four were the only ones I had, I wouldn’t be an unhappy soul for it.

    2. If we’re dialing up the wishlist, I’d love a 10mm or 45 Super with a threaded barrel. I have a dream to wack a whitetail with a suppressed 1911 and a red dot.

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