Ohio State Rep Births a New Anti-Gun Scare Term: ‘Mass Casualty Weapons’

From the CCRKBA . . . In what may be an effort to raise his political profile, State Rep. Willis E. Blackshear Jr.—a candidate in the 6th District State Senate race—has come up with a new term to demonize semiautomatic firearms. But it still won’t fool Buckeye State voters, the Citizens Committee for the Right […]

The Truth About the Florida State Guard’s Special Ops Unit

Founders want to create similar special operations units across a coalition of states, which would not be subject to federal oversight or presidential authority. When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he was “reactivating” the Florida State Guard nearly two years ago, veteran special operators and business partners Brandon Graves and Tom Morton knew they could […]

NSSF Cheers the One Gun Tax the Industry is Happy to Pay

By Joe Bartozzi The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced that the agency was distributing $1.3 billion to the states to fund wildlife conservation, public land access, recreational shooting range construction and improvement and hunter education. That’s a figure that firearm and ammunition manufacturers are proud of – especially since this industry paid the overwhelming majority […]

OSD: Surviving Threats to Our Rights Have Only Made the Gun Culture Stronger

Bill Clinton signs Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 AWB

[T]he times that have been the hardest for gun rights have also led to major advances. Because they needed to lead to major advances. The Gun Control Act of 1968 led to the NRA’s 1977 overhaul. And for all its faults, the NRA in the couple decades after that was the reason that gun rights had any […]

SIG SAUER Updates Their 1911s With the New 1911-XSERIES Pistols

There are a lot of guns you think of when you think of SIG SAUER handguns. First and foremost in most people’s minds these days are the P365 line of everyday carry guns and the P320 full-size line. And for those of us who are older than 40, the P226 and P229 have prominent places […]