Ohio State Rep Births a New Anti-Gun Scare Term: ‘Mass Casualty Weapons’

Ohio State Rep. Willis Blackshear, Jr. (courtesy Facebook)

From the CCRKBA . . .

In what may be an effort to raise his political profile, State Rep. Willis E. Blackshear Jr.—a candidate in the 6th District State Senate race—has come up with a new term to demonize semiautomatic firearms. But it still won’t fool Buckeye State voters, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says.

Blackshear, a Dayton Democrat, now calls modern rifles “mass casualty weapons,” as though the gun, rather than some deranged criminal who might create mayhem, is somehow responsible for a hideous crime. According to a news release from his office, his bill is a response to a tragic 2019 shooting in Dayton’s Oregon district.

“This is just another attempt by a politician running for higher office to make a campaign headline, while using new terminology to alarm or even terrify the public,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “It has been nearly five years since killer Connor Betts was fatally shot by police, bringing an end to his senseless rampage, but instead of pointing to his deranged fantasies about mass shootings, his far left political leanings and his sympathies for Antifa, Blackshear focuses on the firearm the madman used. 

AR-15 Radian Model 1 rifle Holosun SCRS red dot assault weapon
OMG! That’s a mass casualty weapon! OMG! (Dan Z. for SNW)

“Let’s see now,” Gottlieb continued. “The gun prohibition movement has tried the terms ‘assault weapons’ and ‘weapons of war,’ and even ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ Now, all of a sudden, Rep. Blackshear has come up with something new to incite the same old anxieties anti-gunners have always had over the fact that Americans like firearms and dislike the efforts to ban them.

“Why did it take Blackshear all this time to introduce his bill,” he wondered. “Could it have anything to do with the fact that he’s in a three-way race for the state Senate position against two other Democrats who also favor restrictive gun laws, and he wants a headline? 

“In the final analysis,” Gottlieb concluded, “Blackshear wants to ban a certain class of firearms which are enormously popular and commonly-owned, not just in Ohio but across the country. He can call them whatever provocative name he wants, but it still comes down to a gun ban effort. Perhaps instead of guns, Blackshear should focus on getting rid of criminals. That would be an effort Buckeye State gun owners could get behind.” 

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    1. Geoff,

      While she has some culpability, the guy who pulled the trigger, the guy who hired an unqualified, inexperienced armorer, the guy who had final accountability for every action on the set, walks around without even an ankle bracelet.

      In so many ways, we ha e become a 3rd word nation.

      1. His trial starts in July.

        The read I got from how quick the jury came back with a guilty verdict leads me to believe he will get the same treatment from the jury pool come deliberations.

        They were disgusted by what they saw in evidence.

        She’ll be fine. It won’t be fun, but it’s only a year and a half, max. Baldwin on the other hand, could be in for a severe attitude adjustment once he’s behind bars… 😉

  1. Regarding “Mas casualty weapons”:the left is certainly planning mass casualty events, especially since Trump’s steamroller is picking up speed. Get ready, be watchful.

    1. They can’t claim he’s a Russian agent.
      We know how he governs, so the “he’s the next Hitler” only works on dumb kids.
      They can’t claim the economy will tank under Trump.
      They can’t claim he’ll get us involved in wars.
      They can no longer deny Hunter’s laptop as Russian disinformation.
      They don’t have a virus (yet) that they’ll pretend to save us from.
      People are waking up to the climate disaster scam.
      Anyone halfway paying attention will notice that their arguments for governing us are all based on lies.

      What does that leave? Throwing Trump in jail, and stuffing ballots. Notice how they’ve been talking about getting rid of voter ID. They’d also love another George Floyd distraction.

    1. bragging about all the people who laugh their selves to death upon seeing it is your business but really there is no actual requirement to share such information.

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