It’s Come to This: Chicago Made News When No One Was Shot or Killed on Wednesday

Image via Chicago Police (Facebook).

Frankly, in civilized nations or cities, this should be the norm. People shouldn’t shoot or murder people. Or have to defend themselves from thugs with guns. That, however, isn’t the world we live in. Certainly not in Chicago.

That’s why the windy city — aka Murder City USA — made news this week when no one was shot or killed in one 24-hour period. According to HeyJackass, it’s the first day in four years that didn’t happen. See…strict gun control really works!

ABC7 Chicago has more . . .

There were no shootings in Chicago on Wednesday.

Since Jan. 1, 2019, there have only been six other days without any shootings across the city, Chicago police said.

“Since Jan. 1, 2019, 17,891 people have been shot in Chicago, including 3,148 fatal shooting victims and 14,743 nonfatal shooting victims,” according a Chicago Police Department dashboard.

That works out to about two dead and eight wounded each and every day in bumbling Brandon Johnson’s Chicago. It’s almost like it’s a war zone. Or a third world hellhole.

Screen capture by Boch. Image via Google Maps.

Need an example? Monday, in the 7100 block of South State Street in Chicago, shots rang out. They’re calling it a “mass shooting” (because of course) rather than of gang violence. Both the initial shooter and the intended victim were wounded and both will likely survive their wounds.

However, while living up to its reputation as the nation’s largest open-air shooting gallery, the shooters claimed the lives of two bystanders who were hit by errant rounds.

CWB Chicago has details . . .

Prosecutors said video footage showed a group of men hanging out in front of the 71st Candy Warehouse, 7125 South State, on Monday evening. Trivell Pruitt, 53, and a 30-year-old man spoke on and off as others were “milling around on the sidewalk,” a proffer provided by the Cook County state’s attorney’s office said.

After about 20 minutes, Pruitt walked off-camera, then returned about five minutes later, around 5:41 p.m. The 30-year-old man he had been speaking with walked directly toward Pruitt, who pulled out a gun and started shooting directly at the other man, according to the proffer.

Simon Brown, a 59-year-old man who had been sitting on a fire hydrant the entire time, was struck in the head by one of the bullets Pruitt intended for the other man, prosecutors said. Brown slumped off the hydrant and later died.

The intended target suffered gunshot wounds to his knee and wrist. He survived but was initially listed in critical condition.

Upon hearing the gunfire, a man seated inside a nearby parked car pulled out a gun and fired shots at Pruitt, prosecutors said. A bullet he fired missed Pruitt and struck a 47-year-old man who was standing nearby, prosecutors said. He also died.

The moral of the story? Keep yourself and your family as far away from danger zones like Chicago as possible to avoid becoming backstops for errant rounds fired by gang-bangers and other assorted bad guys.

Yes, there have been a tiny handful of entire days without shootings, but (shocker!) the criminal element in Chi-town have plenty of other ways to murder people.

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    1. They found bodies but decided to not report it as murder so they have at least one day on record this year without one.

  1. “Yes, there have been a tiny handful of entire days without shootings, but (shocker!) the criminal element in Chi-town have plenty of other ways to murder people.”

    Yep. The criminal element always has many different ways to murder. But you know something they did not like to point out for that day? There was still violent crime on that day.

    These anti-gun idiots are so busy keeping people focused on ‘gun violence’ they have duped the public. In reality, over half of that classed as ‘homicide’ in relation to shootings, on a nationwide basis, in the FBI stats, is not ‘murder homicide’ but rather ‘justified homicide’ which is also known as ‘self-defense’ (and in the FBI states includes home defense and defense of others also). In reality though even the FBI states doesn’t cover it all for this portion because it only accounts for incidents in which the criminal got shot by the defender. In reality there are millions of justified self-defense incidents annually nationwide, its just that the defender doesn’t need to fire in most because the criminals run away (and some surrender) when the defender brandishes.

    In 2023, nation wide, ~83% of violent crime successfully committed (but when all is counted to include non-sucessful violent criminal threat in which the criminal was repelled by an aggressive defender its ~90%), the criminals used something other than a gun. Of all the violent crime committed nation wide, in a variable 8 – 12 % the criminal will use a gun.

    The anti-gun are literally making people less safe by distracting them from realizing the greater threat is not the criminal with a gun – but rather its the criminal without the gun.

    Statistically a person is 94% more likely to escape serious injury or death if they employ a firearm (including simply brandishing) at the beginning of a violent attack than they are by use of any other means (including another ‘defensive weapon or method’ e.g. blunt object, knife, hands/feet, pepper spray, stun gun, calling 911, yelling for help, etc..) or trying to escape.

    In 2023; Overall (as an only defense measure) less than 7% of the ‘barricade in a room’ (of those that reported doing it) victims avoided serious injury, less than 4% of victims who employed hand-to-hand defense either in home or outside the home avoided serious injury, less than 10% of those armed with pepper spray or stun gun or another non-firearm defensive ‘weapon’ avoided serious injury either in or outside the home. Overall (all categories, reported) in 2023 there were ~2.7 million people that employed a firearm for defense (DGU) (including brandishing, includes self-defense and defense of others and home), less than 6% of the defenders actually fired, and 97% of the victims (collectively) avoided serious injury or death by employing DGU.

    In 2023: Overall nationwide, of all the women targeted for rape, ~38% of these women (age range 17 – 53) were armed with a firearm and used that firearm to successfully defend against and repel their attackers. As a result all of these were not raped or injured – thus did not become a statistics number. Less than 1% of those attackers used a gun, the primary weapons they used were knives, clubs, hands.

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