Number 28: Louisiana About to Join the Permitless Carry Club…Finally

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After years of fighting, vetoes, delays, and all the usual drama and insane claims, the Louisiana House passed a constitutional carry bill today by a 75 to 28 margin. The Senate passed the bill last week and Governor Greg Landry has stated that he will sign it into law.

As the Shreveport Times reports . . .

“We are merely offering law-abiding citizens safety to exercise their self-defense rights without a fee or other governmental barriers from a violent criminal who has no regard for the law,” [bill author Senator Blake] Miguez said during a committee hearing this week.

Previous efforts to expand concealed carry either stalled in the Senate or were vetoed by former Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, but Landry included the issue in his Special Session order.

Miguez is himself a world class competition pistol shooter.

“Government is not here to place barriers to our constitutional rights,” Miguez said in an interview with USA Today Network. “Criminals already carry concealed handguns without government permission.”‘

Yes. Yes they do. Louisiana will soon become the 28th state to eliminate the need for government permission slips to bear arms for the law-abiding. That evens the score with criminals who have never bothered with niceties like laws or permits, no matter what opponents may claim.

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  1. SB 1 passed without amendments today allowing 18 year olds or older to carry concealed without a government permit.
    The usual legislators voiced the same old arguments that have absolutely nothing to do with SB 1.
    The governor has promised to sign it and he surely will soon.

    1. Its already a ‘federal law’, its called the Second Amendment and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. These states are acknowledging that by passing their own laws.

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