Reporter Has a Hard Time Determining the Victim After South Carolina Defensive Gun Use

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No matter how much you may hate the media, you probably don’t hate them nearly enough. Case in point: how a local paper reports the case of a woman defending herself with a gun in her own apartment.

Early Sunday morning, 36-year-old Brandon Praylow of Hopkins, South Carolina tried to break into an apartment in Columbia where a woman lives with her two children. It didn’t go well for him because the woman was armed.

As WLTX reports . . .

Authorities said the shooting happened around 5 a.m. at Greenbrier Apartments at 100 Willow Oak Drive when the woman said she discovered a man banging on her door. She told investigators that the man got inside as she approached the door. She stated she then retrieved her gun from her purse and asked the man to identify himself. She told investigators that he continued to approach, and that’s when she shot the man.

Praylow was pronounced dead at the scene. Upon further investigation, authorities concluded it was a good shoot and the unidentified woman won’t face charges.

So the quick thumbnail of what happened is this: a man tried to break into a woman’s home — where she lives with her two children – and do God knows what. Fortunately, the woman had the means to protect herself. As in a firearm. One that she knows how to use to good effect. And use it she did.

She used it well enough that she wasn’t injured and neither were her children. And Brandon Praylow won’t be attacking any more women. Ever.

But if you write for South Carolina’s biggest newspaper, you see the incident and the outcome a little differently. This is how The State framed what happened . . .

Wait. It gets worse.

The State’s Noah Feit describes what happened this way . . .

The woman told the deputies that she heard a banging at the door to her apartment, which she shares with her two children, the sheriff’s department said.

As she approached the door, the man broke inside the apartment, prompting the woman to get a gun from her purse, according to the release. The woman then asked the man to identify himself, but he continued to approach, according to the sheriff’s department.

That’s when she fatally shot the intruder, according to the release.

After reporting that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department had investigated the shooting and pronounced it a case of justified self-defense and ID’s the shooter, Feit wrote . . .

On Tuesday, the Richland County Coroner’s Office said 36-year-old Hopkins resident Brandon Praylow was the victim.

“…Brandon Praylow was the victim.”

We’re pretty sure the actual victim in this little tragedy was the woman who was forced to shoot a man who had broken into her apartment at zero-dark-thirty Sunday morning. The victims here are the three people (including two children) who were traumatized by the sight of a stranger’d dead body laying on the floor of their home. The victim here is the woman who now has a blood stain on her carpet and probably can’t stand the thought of her kids living in that apartment any more.

But that’s just us. Mr. Feit, who’s been at The State for almost nine years, probably has much more experience in these matters. What do we know?


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  1. Oh, you maybe are unfair to the author. Praylow was indeed the victim – of his own terminal stupidity. Let’s pretend for a moment that he was somehow justified in kicking down the woman’s door. I know – but pretend. When Praylow saw that the woman had a gun, he should have done an about face, and skedaddled out of the apartment complex so fast his footprints were left smoking. Instead, he decided to tackle the armed woman. Terminal stupidity. It’s a damned shame too, because I’m sure that Praylow was turning his life around, was enrolled in the community college, and served his community as an activist or some such nonsense. But, Praylow fell victim to terminal stupidity, so the world will be deprived of all the good he was about to do.

  2. Remember when that prosecutor in the Rittenhouse trial said we all have to take a beating? Why didn’t she just take her beating? If she dies, she dies. AOC probably said he only wanted bread, just like those rioters who apparently thought bread came in Nike boxes.

    1. Dmitar, a journalist writes in “True Facts” not hyperbole! This, in my opinion asshat, Noah Feit is NOT a journalist but is a Far Left dramatist using words to spin/turn fact into a track of the Left narrative i.e. guns bad, criminal good. Rabble like Noah Feit have no real journalistic talent so they revert to the spin. Spin it hard enough and maybe some blood will pop out and sell some papers!

  3. “No matter how much you may hate the media, you probably don’t hate them nearly enough.”

    I got trained early to hate them, thanks to a cold winter morning in 1986 when a NASA rocket blew up 70-odd seconds int its launch.

    That was back when it was live news that a NASA shuttle was being launched, so it was carried live.

    I have a tenuous connection with that accident, I was getting my driver’s license renewed at the local DMV. While sitting in a small waiting area waiting for my license to be laminated, a radio the staff had playing announced the shuttle blew up. What? Not 30 seconds later, license still warm from the melted plastic that sealed it in, I exited the building and drove home. In the rare freezing cold mornings in Florida, the sky is a brilliant crystal-clear blue, so the viability was classic CAVU (ceiling and visibility unlimited). Pulling out on the main road for the 5 min drive, I could clearly see an odd sight, one smoke pillar ascending had split into two, that suddenly ended.

    Getting home was when my rage ignited. CNN was brand-spanking-new back then, and they had a news crew at the cape. This was a news-worthy launch, as NASA had a schoolteacher aboard, and her parents were in the front-row bleachers.

    Those c0cksuckers spun the camera around at her parents, trying to interview her. Her parents were in an obvious state of confusion and shock, as it was clear something horribly wrong had happened with the launch, and they wanted a reaction as to what they thought about their daughter being killed live on camera *.

    That, right then, was when I began to hate the ‘news’.

    Here’s the video of CCN’s ‘reporting’. Watch her parent’s faces.

    * (Note, it was later determined most of the astronauts didn’t die in the explosion, because they were in their orange launch pressure suits, and a number of them had turned their emergency O2 bottles on. Most of them lived about 10 min. until the crew cabin impacted the ocean. They had that long to know they were gonna die, and got to see the ocean rise up to meet them.)

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