ATF Zero Tolerance FFL Revocations Continue at a Record Pace

When President Joe Biden says he’ll wield his authority like a flailing hammer against firearm manufacturers, believe him. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) released updated data for inspections, warning letters and revocations of Federal Firearms Licensee (FFLs) and the news is disturbing. The campaign to shutter firearm retailers over minor clerical errors, called […]

Gun Review: Lone Wolf Dusk 19 9mm Pistol

Lone Wolf Dusk 19 9mm pistol

Lone Wolf made its name with its GLOCK and other pistol replacement parts. It’s one of the biggest names in GLOCK aftermarket upgrade gear, offering everything you need to customize your stock GLOCK or build yourself a non-GLOCK GLOCK to fit your needs and wants. With the uncertainty that comes from doing business under the […]

Vortex’s New Defender-ST Micro Red Dot Sight

Vortex introduced their first micro red dot sight last year, the Defender-CCW. The 3 MOA dot was designed for micro compact carry guns. Now Vortex is expanding the Defender line with the larger, more robustly built Defender-ST. Vortex bills the Defender-ST as red dot for all of your guns. It’s larger than the Defender-ST, gives […]

Has Gun Innovation Been ‘Frozen’ by the Heller and Bruen Rulings?

Heller imposed a “common use” test, saying that a gun law is unconstitutional when it affects guns that are in common use for lawful purposes. Bruen enshrined a similar test, saying that gun laws must be grounded in the “text, history, and tradition” of the country — i.e. the law stands if it has an analog in the nation’s […]

NRA On Trial: The Process Nears the Home Stretch

Barring something unforeseen, the trial that pits the State of New York against the National Rifle Association will go to the jury sometime today. After six weeks of allegations and responses, the jury will be given their final charge by Judge Joel Cohen and sent into deliberate the fate of the organization and the three […]