Let’s Thank Brady for Highlighting the Reality Underlying ‘Gun Violence’ in America After Yesterday’s Kansas City Parade Shooting

Yesterday, a shooting took place during a Super Bowl celebration parade in Kansas City.  One person was reported killed and 21 others injured in what was possibly a gang-related shooting. Three people, who police have not yet identified, were taken into custody after they were tackled by parade attendees.

The gun control industry quickly jumped into action making all of the usual points about guns and the number that Americans own. In something of a departure, gun control advocacy group Brady issued the tweet at the top of the page. Aside from noting how it’s silly it is that Brady calls reading CDC data a “study,” I guess all that’s really left to say is that this topic is completely demoralizing and discussions about it lead nowhere.

Why? Because people are fully entrenched in their positions. Gun control activists and the left call you racist for bringing it up at all because any examination of the data makes them confront difficult truths about their assumptions, while some people on my own side of the debate make 13/52 jokes without any interest in actually solving the problem.

A lot of people like to talk vaguely about a “gun violence” problem, but gun control proponents rarely get as specific as Brady did here because of what it reveals. Put simply, it exposes the fact that a significant majority of gun-related homicides in America happen in one minority community (and really, a small subset of that community).

Looking at the data obliterates the gun control advocates’ core premise…that the problem is the guns.

White Americans own by far the most guns per capita of any demographic in the world. If the gun control assumption that more guns lead to more violence is true, then white Americans should have world-leading homicide rates. They don’t. Not even close. Yet for black Americans, the homicide rates are so dramatically higher it’s as if they live in a different country entirely.

gun violence homicide chart by race in America
Age-Adjusted Rates of Firearm-Related Homicide, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex (courtesy CDC)

But that isn’t news. Quite the opposite, its become catastrophically routine. We’ve all just kind of accepted that it’s normal that this racially disparate violence is going to happen.

This is enabled by the tragic marriage of the African American community and “progressivism.” I understand why this marriage originally happened back during the civil rights movement, but any debt African Americans “owed” for that has long been paid, and they should make a change. Just as they finally “let Lincoln die” in gradually turning their allegiance to the Democrats after the New Deal, so too should they demand a new vision today instead of continuing to vote for deadly failure.

The war on poverty and the expansion of the welfare state that came with it, implemented with good intentions, has created devastating dependence and shattered the black family. The war on drugs (which, to be fair, affected all demographics) led to a lot of fatherless homes, which is another strong predictor of criminality.

Recently “progressive DAs” have overcorrected and not prosecuted actual violent criminals, turning cities like Oakland into hellholes that businesses must flee. And when that happens, it’s no wonder that teenagers and young men turn to crime.

Today, the Democrat party offers no real solution to these blighted inner cities. They blame gun laws because if they didn’t, they’d have to blame their own failed policies and governance, given that, in most cases, they have had uninterrupted control of these cities for generations. The recent surge of non-gun-related crimes like smash and grabs exposes the results of soft-on-crime policies.

No, it’s not the guns. It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations and the normalization — even the celebration — of toxic cultures. Progressives have failed black communities for decades, yet they keep getting their vote, over and over and over again.

Social media screen cap of Kansas City shooting suspects being taken into custody (X)
Social media screen cap of Kansas City shooting suspects being taken into custody (X)

Why? Because Republicans aren’t really competing for it. They aren’t making any serious attempts at inroads with black Americans. This isn’t something that can be changed overnight, but it can change gradually.

The vision here should be clear: “We will make your communities safer by putting violent criminals behind bars, but we will not repeat the mistakes of the past by locking men up en masse for victimless crimes. We will encourage business and economic opportunity to return to cities so your children don’t feel like their only option is gangs and the drug market. We will return order and dignity to your lives. Maybe cities like Oakland, St. Louis, and Baltimore won’t become Boise overnight, but we will make every effort to get them closer to that.

Instead, we go around and around in the same circles with the same old arguments (It’s the guns!) and nothing ever changes. Dems keep power in blighted cities, crime keeps them from ever recovering, and those Dems blame the guns instead of their governance.

So thanks to Brady here for unexpectedly being the one to bring up this topic. Unfortunately, their “solution” of more gun control will only erode constitutional rights while failing to solve the core problem. That’s because the core problem has nothing at all to do with guns. It’s a broken and abused community that’s stuck in the socio-political equivalent of a bad relationship.


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit

This post was adapted by SNW from a tweet posted by Konstadinos Moros.

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  1. “…while some people on my own side of the debate make 13/52 jokes without any interest in actually solving the problem.”

    What should “we” do to help solve the problem? “We” don’t have control of the policies that have led to this situation. “We” can only vote for representatives whom “we” hope would work toward solutions. And “we” are outvoted by those who control the blue areas’ policies.

    1. Even if “we” did do anything the mob would assault us and deride us as “white saviors.”

      It’s racist to point out the stat. It’s racist to expect them not to kill each other and it’s racist for somebody who isn’t them to want to do something about it.

      And so their existence is one of political persuasion and as a guilt cudgel for the affluent whites.

  2. Until the Blue folk wake up, get up, accept the facts vs their feelings and then take appropriate action nothing will change.
    The U S Constitution is our Common Ground.

    1. Hush,

      “Until the Blue folk wake up, get up, accept the facts vs their feelings and then take appropriate action nothing will change.”

      Shorter version: “Nothing will change.” Leftists/fascists are incapable of rational thought, and immune to facts and logic. Just sayin’.

      1. Lamp, I’m utterly dumbfounded they published a Tweet that said, and I quote :

        “Our new study finds that despite making up just 14% of the U.S. population, Black Americans account for 60% of firearm homicides each year.”

        So, let’s ask them, if it’s a proven fact murderous violence comes from such a well-defined area, what’s their solution to the problem?

        You and I both know the answer will be “the sound of crickets chirping on a warm summer’s evening”…

        1. Geoff,

          And if harassed into addressing the issue, (i) point to the ‘history of slavery and oppression’, and (ii) call us ‘raysiss!!’. It’s their script, and they can only follow the script.

  3. Good grief. Everyone talks about the black community as if they have no agency. Both sides. There is endemic white poverty in Appalachia and the Midwest, but the whites in those places don’t slaughter each other ins such great numbers on a daily basis, despite the presence of drugs. The violence in the black community has been raging for going on sixty years, yet the leaders of that community keep grifting and never call out their own for the violence. When has Sharpton or Jackson ever called out violence in the black community?? They always blame whitey and reinforce the victim narrative. Did BLM give any of the money it grifted from billion dollar businesses back into the community??


    They siphoned it off for luxury properties and huge salaries. Not one dollar went to violence prevention initiatives or any other worthy cause in their own community. They don’t want to improve themselves. You can lead a horse to water yada yada yada.

    Sorry. My sympathy has run dry. I have no … you know … left to give.

  4. The 13/52 jokes are “jokes” its a way to point out a problem we arent allowed to point out, and we arent allowed to provide any solutions either all for the same reasons, we will be denounced as racists, deplatormed, debanked, fired from our work etc etc and anyone pretending otherwise is at best willfully ignorant. And frankly some of us are tired of all the problems such a small minority of the country causes and yes they cause problems, alot of them. And when confronted? They overwhelmingly circle the wagons, blame whitey. Well some of us whites are tired of being villains expected to lay down and take it and are gonna simply look out for our “tribe” if you will everyone else be damned, thats what every other group in the US does so thats the game we are gonna play.

  5. “They aren’t making any serious attempts at inroads with black Americans. ”

    What? Every campaign cycle I see Republicans race to bend over to win a couple extra percent of the black voterbase.

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