Optic Review: Primary Arms SLx RS-10 Red Dot Sight

It’s no secret that pistol red dots are the hottest handgun accessory on the market now. After much initial skepticism, most of my handguns now have a reflex sight riding shotgun (so to speak) on them. And one of the best affordably-priced red dots I’ve seen is Primary Arms’ SLx RS-10.

The SLx is Primary Arms’ mid-priced ($199) pistol red dot, positioned between their Classic Series mini and micro sights (priced at about $149) and their top-of-the-line GLx RS-15 ($349).

The SLx RS-10 was the first red dot that Primary Arms designed entirely themselves. And while it’s certainly affordable, it has virtually everything most people want in a pistol red dot sight. It’s not flashy or wildly innovative, but it does everything you need a reflex sight to do and does it exceedingly well.

The SLx RS-10 has the popular RMSc/Docter mount that seems to be the most popular mounting system these day. Primary Arms also ships the RS-10 with everything you’ll need including a low profile Pic rail mount, a plate for the GLOCK MOS system and a rubber dust cover. That Pic rail mount is a nice add as it lets you easily mount the sight to a rifle or shotgun.

The SLx RS-10 is powered by a CR2032 battery that provides, according to PA between 25,000 and 50,000 hours of use. That’s between three and five years. The sight has what Primary Arms calls an Auto Live (and lots of people call shake-awake) to maximize batter life.

Once mounted, you won’t have to remove the SLx RS-10 to change your battery when it does run down. There’s a side access door that lets you remove and install a fresh one. That said, it’s not easy getting on old one out. The best method I came up with was using a round wood toothpick to lever it out of there. It’s not elegant, but it gets the job done.

Yes, there are some dings on mine. That’s because I’ve carried it and used it. A lot. I even dropped it once. On concrete. It took that licking and kept on ticking. The 7075 aluminum housing was more than enough to protect it.

Windage and elevation adjustment is done with simple flat-head screw. You won’t need a tiny Allen key. The point of your pocket knife with do the job in a pinch.

You adjust the brightness of the SLx RS-10’s 3 MOA dot with two straightforward up and down rubberized buttons on the left side. There are eleven brightness lever, one of them being night vision compatible.

The coating is excellent with only a slight blue tinge. I’ve used it in dim twilight and harsh noonday light with the sun both in front of and behind me. I couldn’t find a situation in which I didn’t get a clear, very usable red dot.

The Primary Arms SLx RS-1o is sort of a Goldilocks pistol red dot. It isn’t too simple and limited and it isn’t so fancy and feature-filled that it’s priced out of the reach of most buyers. At right about $200, it’s tough and functional, giving most people who want a reflex sight on their carry gun a very attractive option.

Specifications: Primary Arms SLx RS-10 Red Dot Sight

Dot Size: 3 MOA
Width: 23mm
Mount: RMSc/Docter
Auto On: Yes
Weight 1.07 oz.
Battery Life: 40,000 hrs
Battery: CR2032 
Housing: Anodized 7075 Aluminum
Night Vision Compatible: Yes
Made in: China
Price: $199

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