Security Guards Shoot Woman Who Opened Fire in a Texas Mega-Church, Stopping the Attack

A lot of news gets swallowed up in the Super Bowl Sunday vacuum. America could have been invaded by Canada yesterday and if there wasn’t an obvious tie-in to the Chiefs, the 49ers or Taylor Swift, no one would have heard anything about it. That’s why you probably haven’t heard much about the attempted shooting in a Houston mega-church yesterday.

The Lakewood Church in Houston is the home of televangelist Joel Osteen. Just before 2:00p yesterday afternoon, a woman identified as Genesse Moreno walked into the church with a 5-year-old child, wearing a trench coat. She then pulled out an AR-15 rifle she was concealing and opened fire.

Two off-duty officers — one from the Houston Police Department and one from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission — were there as security and opened fire on Moreno, wounding her and stopping the threat. The 5-year-old was struck and is in critical condition. A 57-year-old churchgoer was hit in the leg and has been treated, though it isn’t clear if the shot was fired by Moreno or one of the security guards.

As CNN reports . . .

The shooter used an AR-15 that had “Free Palestine” written on it, according to a federal law enforcement source. Investigators are trying to determine whether she was politically motivated or a disturbed individual, the source said.

Before Moreno died on the scene, she claimed to have a bomb in her car. That claim turned out to have been false.

Subsequent reports today indicate that Genesse Moreno was born Jeffrey Moreno and had a record that included prior arrests for assault, forgery, marijuana possession, theft, evading and unlawful carrying of a weapon. Moreno’s identity, along with the quick, effective response of two armed men with guns may also be contributing to the lack of the kind of saturation coverage you’d normally expect at such a high profile venue

Yesterday’s attack did not, however, go without comment from some of the usual suspects who seize on any opportunity to conflate criminal activity involving firearms with civilian gun ownership in general.

Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democrat party, rushed out the following statement . . .

Today’s shooting at Lakewood Church is yet another example of the danger and trauma that reckless gun laws have bestowed upon our communities. No place of worship, shopping center, classroom, or shared public space is safe under the leadership of those that place the gun lobby over Texans’ safety. We are praying for the injured and all those impacted by this senseless act of violence. Texans do not deserve to live in fear of a shooting at any time, and as more details emerge – we are grateful for the swift response of first responders under Mayor Whitmire’s leadership.

Hinajosa desperately wants to shift blame to Texas’s gun laws for yesterday’s incident. He conveniently overlooks shootings at a synagogue in Poway, California and a Church in Aliso Viejo, California, a state that has just about every gun control law his “progressive” heart could desire.

It’s almost as if laws do nothing at all to prevent violent, disturbed people from doing terrible things.

According to a paid Bloomberg flack, the fact that it was two law enforcement officers who took Moreno down and stopped her attack somehow proves that only LEOs should be entrusted with the awesome responsibilities of armed self-defense. The Trace’s Jennifer Mascia expressed relief that the safety of everyone at the Lakewood Church wasn’t left up to some yahoo (read: unwashed civilian) with a gun . . .

Mascia conveniently overlooks other similar incidents where armed citizens were the deciding factors in preventing similar attacks from becoming far worse than they were. Citizens like Jack Wilson at a church in Fort Worth and Eli Dicken at a mall in Indiana come immediately to mind. They’re just two of about 1.6 million defensive gun uses that take place every year. She must have overlooked those.

What the inveterately hoplophobic Mascia also failed to note is that the Lakewood Church is huge (about 45,000 people attend services there every week) and very prosperous. Church leaders there can easily afford the cost of hiring armed security to protect their congregants.

But there are about 350,000 congregations of every denomination in America. Most simply don’t have the funds to hire armed guards. That’s why most churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques in this country rely on congregants carrying firearms to provide security for their fellow members during worship services and other events.

Not that anything from the likes of Texas Dems or Mayor Mike’s paid staffers should really surprise you. Yesterday’s shooting took place on the wrong day, was carried out by the wrong type of person who had the wrong politics, and the attack was brought to too quick a conclusion to have been truly useful for people like Hinojosa and Mascia without some half-hearted attempts at spin.

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  1. “The shooter used an AR-15 that had “Free Palestine” written on it, according to a federal law enforcement source.”

    This is my in-no-way-surprised face, another murderous leftist.

    “Subsequent reports today indicate that Genesse Moreno was born as Jeffrey Moreno.”

    Checking all the boxes they can, I see. Again, no surprise at all.

    “That fact, along with the quick, effective response of two armed men with firearms, may also be contributing to the lack of saturation coverage of yesterday’s shooting.”

    A mega-church like Osteen’s is probably the worst church to attack, as they are far more likely to have effective armed security on hand during a service to defend from a murderous attack by a mentally-deranged individual who falsely believes all he has to do is squinch his eyes together tight, click his heels together 3 times and wish really, *REALLY* hard, and it can magically become a woman.

    Rot in hell, scumbag, you got what you deserved… 🙁

    (Was I too mean?)

  2. White, non-Hispanic? LOL no! If we’re going to obsess about ethnicity, then why do they get it wrong when it’s politically convenient? I can tell by looking at it, that it isn’t “white.” Word on the street is that it’s Hispanic. Since this was a Hispanic service at a Christian Church, will we see constant hand-wringing and discussions about this being a racist or religious attack from the Puppet & Co., just like they have done with other targeted mass shootings?

  3. Where did the five-year-old boy come from? The shooter entered the building with him, but was this some how the shooters child or was it someone else’s child? No one has made any mention of the shooter someway being the ‘parent’ of the child.

    The shooter was transgendered, male > female, so can’t birth children (thank goodness). Was the child: ‘adopted’? Borrowed? Abducted? From friends or relatives? Was already at the church outside and was grabbed and then bought in?

  4. Mascia is an idiot, not only because she is anti-gun but also because she is so willfully blinded to facts and lets herself be used like a $2.00 hooker on Saturday night to shill for anti-gun interest who would toss her aside and ruin her in a heart beat if they wanted to do so.

  5. “A lot of news gets swallowed up in the Super Bowl Sunday vacuum. … That’s why you probably haven’t heard much about the attempted shooting in a Houston mega-church yesterday.”

    Nope. The story is being memory-holed by the lamestream media because the “unusual suspect” is becoming “usual” and thus inconvenient for the narrative.

    1. a lot of the mainstream media (the usual suspects) started shutting down reporting on it when they found out transgender.

  6. Fact: Another violent transgendered person, in terms of overall context of just violent, nationwide, so far in this year, one of several thousand since Jan 1 2024 that has inflicted serious violence and injury (and in some cases death) on others including within the LGBT (and what ever alphabet is after that now) community. In terms of this incident, another violent transgendered creature in the form of a mass-shooter killer.

    And just what is it with transgender and children? Why do they target children specifically? They target them in schools and in public and in politics and in business and in sales and in medicine (they even made up a pseudo-science-medical thing for it to specifically target children), in just about every area of society – for the trans agenda.

    The Nashville trans school shooter wasn’t like others – that targeting was specifically the kids, even indicated as much in the manifesto parts that have been released rather than the political (even though the Nashville shooter indicated an undefined political’ish agenda also) or social or general bias angst type targeting of other school shooters, now we have another trans mass-shooter killer that although a general targeting for what ever reason they bought a child with them thus in effect targeted the child.

    It is not “transphobic” to state the truth.

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