Students Demand Action Snowflake Meets Pistol-Packing Legislator Inside Indiana Capitol Building

Indiana Rep. Jim Lucas
OMG! He’s carrying a gun! OMG!

Some high school kids from Muncie, Indiana received a first-hand lesson in how the real world works when they visited the Indiana State Capitol building recently to lobby for more gun control laws. The “Students Demand Action” activists’ sensibilities were assaulted when they tried to run their schtick on Rep. Jim Lucas, a very pro-gun Republican.

They told him of their support for victim disarmament schemes. He explained that free people have a right to defend themselves.

The students then trotted out the old “They banned all the guns in Australia and there haven’t been any mass shootings since then” trope. Of course, that’s not true as there have been mass shootings, but it’s not like facts matter much to gun control advocates.

“They’re not free. You’re not truly free if you can’t defend yourself,” Rep. Lucas told the students. He didn’t mention that unlike Australia, Americans’ right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution.

A tentative kid sort of stammered a little bit and shot back, “So…do you mean like carrying a gun?”

“Yeah, I’m carrying right now,” Lucas said, raising his sport coat to show a holstered handgun.

“See, nothing about that makes me feel safe though,” the student said.

I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but it’s not the legislature’s job to make you feel safe.  You have no Constitutionally protected right to feel safe.

Lucas hit back along those lines, pointing out that, “Those are feelings. I’m talking facts. People who want to kill you don’t care about your feelings.”

That didn’t stop some outlets from breathlessly panted about how terrible the rep’s actions made the students feel unsafe and unprotected.

From The StateHouse File . . .

Students from Burris Laboratory School in Muncie who were visiting the Statehouse Tuesday say they felt threatened after Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, opened his coat and flashed a handgun.

The students, members of Students Demand Action, had traveled to Indianapolis to attend the annual Advocacy Day held at the state capitol to ask lawmakers to do more to curb gun violence.

When the students encountered Lucas on an elevator in the Statehouse, he struck up a conversation and asked them why they were at the legislature. The students responded they were there to talk to lawmakers about their concerns about guns. Lucas subsequently invited the group to “step outside and have a quick” conversation about the issue.

A video made by one of the students, Makynna Fivecoats, 17, captures Lucas, the students and a parent chaperone, Alison Case, discussing gun laws and school shootings. A few minutes into the discussion, Lucas flashed his gun to the teenagers by lifting his blazer.

“I’m carrying right now,” Lucas told the group.

Speaking to after the incident, the students said Lucas’ action made them feel unsafe and unprotected.

The students felt “unsafe and unprotected”?  These snowflakes are probably triggered by uniformed police officers packing guns. What will they think in adulthood when an armed violent criminal is at their door?

“My heart sank to my stomach,” Fivecoats said. “I genuinely felt very unsafe in that moment. And I really just wanted the conversation to kind of end after that.”

Maybe someday little Miss Fivecoats will figure out that she doesn’t have to feel unsafe and unprotected as an adult…unless she chooses to. If she avails herself to her right to keep and bear arms. Because nothing stops a bad person with evil in their heart like a good guy (or gal) with a gun. Certainly not her feelings.

Instead of advocating for victim disarmament as a Students Demand Action activist, maybe she should try empowering herself by becoming a gun owner. Just a thought.

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