Everyday Carry: ‘Drop Test’ Your Personal Defense Ammunition to Ensure Reliability

Last week, I wrote about the misadventures I had at Metal Madness due to a couple of ammo/magazine issues, mostly self-inflicted. The piece drew a response from George Harris, one of my favorite firearms experts and trainers. Formerly the head of training at SIG SAUER, he’s now President and CEO of International Firearms Consultants in New […]

The Days Of ‘Concealed Means Concealed’ Increasingly Coming to an End

As a gun owner in Florida, I grew up with the mantra, “concealed means concealed.” Meaning that if a place banned the carrying of firearms, but is legal under the law, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. That was the way things were (and still are frequently) done. I recall plenty of places that […]

Tucker Carlson: I Always Carry a Gun as a ‘Statement of Autonomy’

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has come in for a lot of criticism in recent months, but he managed to hit the nail on the head about guns and gun rights at a recent event. A clip below shows Carlson saying he carries a gun “all the time.” When asked if he was carrying at that moment, his […]

Lott: As Reported and Nonreported Crime Rises, More People Are Carrying

crime scene tape in building with blurred forensic team background

While the rate of reported violent crime fell 2.1% between 2021 and 2022, the National Crime Victimization Survey shows that total violent crime—reported and nonreported—rose from 16.5 incidents to 23.5 per 1,000 people. Nonreported violent crime in 2022 exceeded the 2015-19 average by more than 17%. Data reflect the scant consequences criminals face. During 2022 in cities with more […]

Goetz: The public has to carry guns in New York

Bernhard Goetz

Garrett Graff: A couple of days before Christmas in New York City in 1984, 37-year-old Bernhard Goetz was going to meet friends for a drink. He got on the subway and entered a sparsely crowded car on the number two train. After a while, Goetz noticed a group of teenagers looking in his direction. There […]

Carrying in ‘Non-Permissive’ Environments, Responding Cops, and You

no guns door sign gun-free zone

“Non-permissive” environments mean locations where someone doesn’t want good guys to carry their guns. These may be non-compliant signs that don’t “count” in some locales or states, or they may be statutorily prohibited locations. Either way, the “no guns” designation changes the mindset of police officers based upon their attitudes and prejudices. Even a non-compliant […]

SHOT Show: The New Diamondback SDR Self-Defense Revolver

Diamondback has successfully moved past a reputation for extremely small 9mm pistols and budget ARs into a rather interesting market. In that market, they’ve finally brought out a revolver. Who saw that coming? The latest from Diamondback is the SDR, which stands for Self Defense Revolver. It’s a revolver aimed at the concealed carry market, […]