SHOT Show: Primary Weapon Systems UXR is Modularity Redefined

PWS URX modular rifle

Primary Weapons Systems, or PWS, is well-known for its long-stroke gas piston system AR-15 rifles. But as of SHOT Show 2024, they expanded into a platform of their own design. The new UXR promises to be the most modular, user-friendly rifle ever.

I got my first dose of the UXR at range day. A member of the PWS staff was standing by to show us exactly how the rifle worked and the features it offered the end user. I watched in quiet awe as he stripped out the barrel and the internals and then separated the mag well from the lower receiver in mere seconds. The only tool required was an Allen wrench.

The PWS UXR – The Star of SHOT Show 2024

It took no time at all, and the man behind the madness explained that the UXR could be easily converted to any number of calibers. I expected the UXR to be two rifles to be separated into a kind of light and medium category. I was wrong.

PWS URX modular rifle

The UXR can be converted from the intermediate 5.56 to the full-powered .308 in just a couple of minutes. The caliber conversions mentioned include 5.56, .308, 6.5 CM, 300 Blackout, and 7.62x39mm…so far. Obviously, the success and future of the rifle will dictate more caliber conversions options in the future.

PWS URX modular rifle

The UXR keeps to the proven long-stroke gas piston system design that has a lighter piston design than something like the AK. After the presentation, I put a couple of magazines down range.

PWS URX modular rifle

I was impressed by the rifle’s accuracy and by how little it recoiled. We fired the 5.56 variant, and it was superbly soft and a lot of fun to shoot. The rifle felt a hair front-heavy, but not too much.

PWS URX modular rifle

The UXR features fully ambidextrous controls, a folding and collapsible stock, and all the optics and M-LOK rails you could ever want.

The UXR a thoroughly modern rifle. The MSRP of $2,500 dollars will be a turn-off for some, but it’s a very interesting design and I hope to see it succeed.

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