SHOT Show: Labradar Releases the LX, a Pintsized Radar Chronograph

Labradar LX cronograph

If you’ve used a traditional chronograph before, you’ve probably shot a traditional chronograph. One that requires that the bullet pass through the chronograph opens up the opportunity for ballistic mistakes, which I’ve made and you’ve made and it’s frustrating and expensive to shoot your own chrony.

Labradar changed all that with their consumer-sized and consumer-priced radar chronographs that are stationed behind the shooting line. But their chronograph was big and bulky. Their new LX is super tiny!

Pop that little guy on top of your shooting bench and collect all the data you can dream of. It even has bluetooth functionality for use with the Labradar app to make putting the data to use and doing the various maths simple.

Labradar LX cronograph

MSRP is $600, and if you do a lot of chronograph work it’s gonna be well worth it. Easy setup, compact form factor, and you won’t shoot the darn thing.

Labradar LX cronograph

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