SHOT Show: Taurus Rolls Out the New Expedition .308 Rifle

A Taurus hunting rifle? Seriously? Yes, seriously. We got to play around with the most unexpected new gun form Taurus on the SHOT Show floor and it’s impressive. The new Taurus Expedition is the company’s first bolt action rifle.

Built around a Remington 700 action, the first models will be chambered in .308 (look for more caliber options in the future), fed by an AICS magazine and have an 18-inch hammer-forged barrel.

The action on the gun in the booth was impressively smooth. It’s made in Brazil and every rifle is QC’d here in America. We can’t wait to get our hands on one for a full review.

The Taurus Expedition, the first bolt action rifle from Taurus USA, is designed by hunters, built for hunters, and ready for your biggest adventure.

Based around the durable and incredibly popular Remington 700 action, the Expedition often delivers sub-MOA accuracy, thanks to its hammer-forged barrel. Another user-friendly touch is that Expedition feeds from commonly available AICS pattern magazines. The thoughtful design features don’t stop there. The stock features a scalloped cut, designed to make the gun rest perfectly in gun saddles. Hunters could also utilize the MLOK attachment point on the bottom of the stock, or the integrated Spartan Precision attachment point.

“The Expedition is, without a doubt, the product launch I’ve been most excited about ever since laying my hands on the prototype in Brazil,” said Caleb Giddings, Taurus USA’s General Manager of Marketing. “It’s not just a hunting rifle, it’s a rifle that was designed by hunters, for hunters. Every step of this gun’s creation had input from life-long hunters who’ve taken game all over the planet. That’s why it’s so packed with features, and yet is still able to come in with an MSRP under $1,000.”

Expedition launches in the iconic 308 Winchester caliber, with an 18 inch barrel. The action feeds from AICS pattern magazines, which are readily available for shooters looking to carry a few extra rounds easily in the field. During its rigorous test phase, Expedition rifles have been used in hunts all over North America, and as far as Africa.

The Taurus Expedition will be initially available in 308 Winchester with an MSRP of $984.99, with other calibers coming soon.

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