SHOT Show Delivers the Forward Charging AR

Operating in the same manner as a pump-action shotgun, the Forward Charging AR from Bilson Arms moves the control that allows you to manually cycle the bolt from the extreme rear of the upper receiver out onto the handguard. A thumb tab locks it in its forward-most position and, like a typical rear charging handle, […]

SHOT Show: The Bond Arms LVRB Tactical Lever Action

Last year Bond Arms teased a prototype of a new “tactical” lever action rifle. That got a lot of attention was a big departure for the Texas company that’s best known for making derringers. This year, the new rifle is tested, rested and ready to go. The Bond Arms LVRB comes in .223 Wylde with […]

NRA Dissidents are Working Thwart an Alleged Scheme by LaPierre Loyalists

  While most attention is focused on the Manhattan courtroom where Judge Joel Cohen and a six-person jury will decide the fates and futures of all the defendants in New York state’s case against the National Rifle Association, another group of NRA members are working behind the scenes to help chart a new course forward […]

SHOT Show: New Streamlight TLR-7 X and TLR-7 X USB Weapon Lights

Rechargeable is the trend in weapon lights. Streamlight’s new TLR-your 7 X comes in either a standard CR123 model or the TLR-7 X USB which has a rechargeable battery. The good news is the USB model will also run on a standard CR123 if you’re in a pinch. Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance […]

The Real Intent Of Democrats Bill Banning Private Paramilitary Activity

As a law-abiding citizen of this great country, I can form my own militia if I so choose, appoint myself colonel, enlist my friends as privates or PFCs, and we can run around the woods until we all keel over from heatstroke or heart attacks, whatever comes first. It’s all perfectly legal…at least for now.  […]

SHOT Show: The Beretta 30X Tomcat

Beretta started revamping their pocket pistol line a few years back with the .22LR model 21A Covert, and then the Beretta 80X last year. Okay, maybe the 80X isn’t exactly a pocket gun, but it’s a smaller caliber, .380 ACP. This year it was the .32 ACP’s turn with the new 30X Tomcat. This one […]

SHOT Show: Taurus Rolls Out the New Expedition .308 Rifle

A Taurus hunting rifle? Seriously? Yes, seriously. We got to play around with the most unexpected new gun form Taurus on the SHOT Show floor and it’s impressive. The new Taurus Expedition is the company’s first bolt action rifle. Built around a Remington 700 action, the first models will be chambered in .308 (look for […]