SHOT Show: The Beretta 30X Tomcat

Beretta started revamping their pocket pistol line a few years back with the .22LR model 21A Covert, and then the Beretta 80X last year. Okay, maybe the 80X isn’t exactly a pocket gun, but it’s a smaller caliber, .380 ACP. This year it was the .32 ACP’s turn with the new 30X Tomcat.

This one surprised me more than the rest with the revamp it got, but I like it.

The 30X builds on the proven Tomcat, but the Beretta engineers added quite a few updates. The obvious ones are suppressor height sights, a threaded barrel and an optics-ready platform…on a .32 ACP pistol.

They also added a flat trigger, moved the magazine release behind the trigger guard, and made the pop-up barrel release a push button rather than a lever, located on the left side of the frame. Beretta added a slightly extended magazine with an improved 8-round capacity as well as a 10-round extended magazine.

I don’t know how many of you feel the need a tactical .32 with a suppressor and red dot sight, but I have to say I’m intrigued. It’s a great looking pistol and certainly raises some eyebrows.

Beretta doesn’t have all of the variations they showed at the SHOT show on their website yet, but they do have some info and images available. MSRP’s start at $599.99.

Check out the descriptions from Beretta:

Introducing the Beretta 30X Tomcat, an ultra-concealable pistol designed with the revolutionary Effortless Loading System (ELS) featuring a push-button mechanism that eliminates the need to rack the slide, providing unparalleled ease for users with limited hand strength. Redefining shootability, this pocket-sized powerhouse boasts enhanced features such as increased magazine capacity, repositioned controls for optimal accessibility, a skeletonized trigger and hammer for a 35% lighter pull, dovetail slide cuts for versatility and new proprietary “Helica” textured grips for added comfort making it more enjoyable and fun to shoot. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry, fitting seamlessly into a pocket, backpack or survival kit without adding unnecessary bulk. The Beretta 30X Tomcat emerges as a discreet yet formidable option for those who prioritize mobility and preparation for any situation.


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