SIG SAUER P365-380 REVIEW: Simply Outstanding

SIG SAUER P365-380
SIG SAUER P365-380 (Image by Boch)


The folks at SIG SAUER really broke new ground when they brought out the tiny P365 9mm in 2018.  Not only did they mainstream the hybrid double/single-stack magazine but they gave folks a tiny, concealable pistol that shoots well. In 2022, SIG introduced the .380 version of the P365. I remained so happy with my 9mm 365 that I thought, “Why would I want a P365 in .380?”

With a great trigger, factory night sights, decent capacity and remarkably pleasant to shoot for its size, the 9mm P365 checked all of the boxes for general purpose concealed carry with a more potent 9mm cartridge.

And then I shot the P365-380.

Let’s back up a bit for some fair disclosure. SIG didn’t send me a copy for testing and evaluation. Instead, like most mere mortals, I tested the gun by renting one with my own money.

Image by Boch.

CI Shooting Sports in Normal, Illinois has a nice selection of loaner guns and they tolerate me doing reviews on their range, so many thanks to them for having the resources available for me to share this with our readers.

A person can only do so much handling of a gun on a showroom floor before buying. If you really want to see how a gun will handle and perform for you, nothing beats running a box (or four) of ammo through one before you pull out your wallet to take one home.

Almost on a whim, I selected the P365-380. I didn’t set out to do a gun review as those are time intensive. Instead, I selected it to do some ammo evaluations for Ammo To Go. They sent me several hundred dollars worth of defensive ammo for me to offer my first impressions running various loads through multiple guns. As a side mention, I’ll say that ordering from Ammunition To Go proved almost as easy and painless as Amazon Prime and delivery came just as fast. I liked them so much I ordered more after that testing and evaluation, but enough about that.

SIG SAUER P365-380

Rental guns get driven hard like rental cars. In talking with the owner of CI Shooting Sports, I learned the P365s aren’t indestructible, but they hold up fairly nicely to heavy use. They take far heavier (ab)use than the average gun owner is going to give them. If you’re that 1% who shoots 50 rounds a week to keep your skills sharp, you’re better than me.

So I grabbed the P365-380, fondled it critically, and dry-fired it. As a trainer to thousands of people, young and old, over 25 years, I’ve shot my share of handguns ranging from horrendous to multi-thousand dollar custom competition guns.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have one of those not-so-hot guns that doesn’t run reliably and has a horrible trigger, you don’t have to get rid of it by selling it to someone you don’t like. Get somehelp mastering those suboptimal guns. They can actually make you a better shooter if you learn how to manage that trigger press and clear the malfunctions.

For example, Mas Ayoob taught me how to master the Beretta 92’s suboptimal double-action trigger and if you can shoot that well, you can shoot anything well.

Anyway, I appreciate a nice gun that handles well. I have little doubt that the more I handled this P365-380, the bigger my smile grew. It ran very well.

Suddenly my “first impressions” with various .380 defensive ammo turned into an opportunity to spend some additional time with the P365-380. It proved to be time well-spent.

Even before I loaded it, I noticed the ease of slide operation rivaled that of the Smith & Wesson M&P380 SHIELD EZ. Honestly, I look at the EZ .380 as the gold standard for “ease of operation” for those folks with reduced hand strength issues relating to arthritis, injury, age or all of the above.

Loading the .380 magazines proved easy (admittedly loading that last round in 9mm p365 mags isn’t easy at all).

The first shots?  They landed right on the money. In fact, I wrote “First shots: right on.  Perfect.” in my notes.

The trigger, roughly five pounds in my semi-experienced SWAGgy index finger, felt smooth and broke nicely without much creep. Again, when the trigger broke, it put rounds right where I aimed them. Trigger reset was excellent and follow-up shots were sweet and controllable.  Groups came in at almost minute-of-button, or ragged one-hole group at five yards when concentrating on precision slow-fire in a standing, two-handed isosceles stance.

Picking up the pace to a shot per second or a hair faster (indoor range rules) at seven yards netted a nice little group just over two inches wide.

Seven yards, “rapid fire” of about 1 shot per second. Image by Boch.

Again, the hybrid stack magazine gives you nice capacity (10 or 12 rounds), far better than larger, single-stack carry guns out there.  I realize many folks aren’t going to pack a backup gun on their person, so having two single-stack mags worth of ammo scores as a plus for those folks. The 12-round mags have extra space for your pinkie finger on the baseplate.

Did I mention the night sights that come standard? That front sight blade has a nice, glow-in-the-dark SIGLITE night sight beach ball on it…or so it seems as you’re lining them up.

Image by Boch.

Given that most defensive gun uses take place in low light or no light conditions, that’s a big plus most folks don’t think about until it’s too late. Bad guys prefer to work in lower light conditions.

From carrying the P365 9mm cousin, I’m confident that this .380 version will conceal very well, making it perfectly suited to everyday carry. Yes, even in non-permissive environments.  Like places where the law allows it, but your employer might not welcome it.

It’s light enough at just over 15 ounces that, when worn in a comfortable carry holster like a Bravo Concealment Torsion inside-the-waistband rig, you’ll forget you have it on your hip.  Light enough to carry all day without thinking about it, but not so light that you hesitate to pull the trigger because it’ll beat you up like those exotic-metal snubnosed revolvers of yesteryear.

As with the 9mm cousin, the .380 SIG fit my hand almost perfectly and very comfortably.  I love the fine texture all around the grip that helps keep it quite securely in your mittens, but it won’t wear holes in your clothes or abrade your love handles. Smaller hands, including the ladies, will appreciate the petite-sized grip.  Monster hands? Eh, that stippling will still grip against your callouses.

For those who like turning their gun into a flashlight, there’s a proprietary SIG rail accessory rail up front.

Field stripping didn’t require me to pull the trigger first (a selling point for safety) and came intuitively. Putting it back together took a couple of seconds longer, but no issues. I am pleased to report no “Jesus” springs or pins were encountered in a rudimentary field stripping.  (You know, the spring or pin that falls onto the floor or launches itself into space as you say, “Oh Jesus!”)

7 yard group (image by Boch)

None of us are getting any younger, and for those with hand strength issues, the .380 version of the P365 should be on anyone’s very short-list for consideration. Depending on your caliber preference, it remains the gun to beat when it comes to general concealed carry or as a backup gun for the truly hard core.

Although I’ll admit I’m pretty partial to my 9mm pistol, .380’s ease of slide manipulation and milder recoil makes this perhaps as good or maybe an even better pick for women or those with reduced grip strength who appreciate the milder handling piece.

I can’t sing this gun’s praises loudly enough.

Specifications: SIG SAUER P365-380 

Action: Striker-fired, recoil operated, semi-auto
Cartridge: .380 ACP
Capacity: 10+1; optional 12+1
Barrel: 3.1 in.
Overall Length: 5.8 in.
Width: 1 to 1.1 in. (manual safety costs you .1″)
Height: 4.2 in.
Weight: 15.7 oz.
Finish: Nitron
Sights: SigLite tritium night sights standard.
Trigger: 5 lbs. (roughly)
Street price: $499-ish

Ratings (out of five stars):

Overall: * * * * *
The ergonomics were very good, bordering on exceptional. The trigger is excellent for a factory gun. And at just under $500 retail, it’s reasonably priced. Just like the 9mm SIG P365, the P365-380 is very much like Stacy’s mom — it’s got it going on.


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