New HIVIZ FastDot H3 Tritium/Fiber Optic Positive Alignment Sights

HIVIZ FastDot H3

HIVIZ’s new FastDot H3 tritium fiber optic sights take a different approach sight alignment. Instead of lining up a front dot through a rear notch, the FastDot H3 sights give you positive feedback when you’re on target. When the front red dot is aligned with the rear, the front red dot disappears and the shooter sees only a green dot letting him/her know they’re good to go.

HIVIZ FastDot H3 sights

HIVIZ is making them for GLOCK, GLOCK MOS, M&P and SIG P320 and P365 pistols. We can’t wait to get our hands on these at SHOT and check them out for ourselves. Here’s what HIVIZ has to say . . .

HIVIZ Shooting Systems, the premier manufacturer of high quality tritium/fiber-optic and fiber-optic sights for shotguns, handguns and rifles, is thrilled to announce their latest innovation—the FastDot H3.

HIVIZ has raised the bar for firearm enthusiasts, by introducing a reliable sight that is bright, easy to acquire and fast when you need it most.

The FastDot H3 provides the user with faster sight acquisition out of the holster and positive sight alignment feedback through conventional sight alignment. Instead of a traditional blade centered in a notch, this sight uses a circle within a circle. As the user brings the front sight into alignment with the rear, the front red sight disappears behind the rear sight leaving behind a glowing green circle to alert the user of positive alignment.

Features of the FastDot H3 include:

      • Fast Sight Acquisition
      • Easy Sight Alignment
      • Positive Sight Feedback
      • Improved visibility around sight picture
      • 24-hour Illumination
      • A low-profile design, compatible with standard holsters

“Since 1996, HIVIZ has sought to improve the art of shooting through simple, yet innovative products for rifles, pistols and shotguns,” said HIVIZ President and Founder, Phil Howe. “With the popularity of red dot sights increasing over the last decade we saw an opportunity to use our expertise in iron sights and bridge the gap between traditional iron sights and red dot sights. That’s when the FastDot H3 sight set was developed. This sight set offers the simplicity of a red dot sight system while eliminating the bulk, it doesn’t require batteries and allows for faster sight acquisition right out of the holster. It is quickly becoming a favorite among many who require simplicity and speed from their sight sets!”

The FastDot H3 is built to enhance the experience for any shooter– beginner or expert. With tritium/fiber-optic front and rear sights, the FastDot H3 provides 24-hour illumination for a bright and visible sight picture and easy acquisition right out of the holster day or night. Shooters can be prepared to confidently align, aim and manufacture precise shot placement in any light or high stress environment.

The FastDot H3 is now available for purchase at authorized HIVIZ Shooting Systems dealers, online retailers and at the HIVIZ website

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