Dogs, Birds, Shotguns, and Texas: Does It Get Any Better?

  If there’s a better way to spend a December afternoon than walking through a Texas field with some friends, a good guide, and a couple of eager dogs on the hunt for birds, I’m not sure what that would be. I have JWT to thank for an invitation to join him and a friend […]

MLK, a Pacifist, Was Guarded by Men With Guns

Martin Luther King Jr. MLK

  In the end, [Martin Luther King’s campaign for equal rights] worked because the world saw the civil rights protesters as people being brutalized for attempting to enjoy the rights that America claimed it offered to all its citizens. The hypocrisy was exposed; this country that was supposed to be an example of freedom for […]

Classic Wood Furniture for AR-15 Rifles From American-Icon

When Eugene Stoner designed the AR-15 for ArmaLite in 1956 it was a pretty revolutionary piece, and its use of plastic stocks was not without controversy. A lot of folks were used to, and wanted, steel and wood on their guns, not plastic. A lot has changed since the late 50’s, but that doesn’t mean […]

Indiana Rep. Works to Put an End to Years-Long Anti-Gun Lawfare by the City of Gary

  If one Indiana lawmaker is successful, the abuse of the legal system by gun control advocates in Gary, Ind., might finally end after nearly a quarter century of costly litigation. Indiana Republican state Rep. Chris Jeter introduced House Bill 1235, legislation that “provides that only the state of Indiana may bring or maintain an action […]

House Dems: High Capacity Magazines Only Amplify the Destructive Power of Guns

AR-15 magazine high capacity ammo ammunition

“Large capacity magazines are a threat to our kids in schools, our communities and to our law enforcement on the streets who are outgunned by dangerous individuals in possession of these magazines,”said Thompson, D-St Helena, who is chairman of the [House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force]. “The only reason someone would want a large capacity […]