The New Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case

Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case

One of the best things about the SHOT Show is all great new products that come out in advance. Our email inbox bulges with the news. One of the bummers, though, is that a lot of them are announced in the first couple of weeks of January, too late to have made it onto our Christmas ‘want’ list.

Case in point: Magpul’s new DAKA Double Pistol Case. If you own one of Magpul’s water-resistant DAKA pouches, you know how great their DAKA gear is. The new DAKA Double is sized right to lug a couple of pistols to the range with plenty of padding for protection and pockets to tote additional gear.

We’d definitely have liked to have found one of these under the tree on Christmas morning.

Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case

Here’s Magpul’s announcement . . .

Magpul is growing our popular DAKA product line of firearms-storage solutions with the DAKA Double Pistol Case. Made from the same rugged DAKA material as our pouches, it includes hard-use features that support your trips to the range and everywhere else.

Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case

The DAKA Double Pistol Case is a large-format case to secure and protect up to two handguns of all sizes. The internal panels are lined with a snag-free, protective EVA foam liner for added protection and to prevent scratching. The left panel includes two large pistol sleeves to hold any handgun – even full-size pistols with longer barrels – and each sleeve has its own retaining strap to keep the pistol in place. The right panel provides storage for eight magazines and includes an outer panel pocket to protect pistols from contacting your magazines. Externally, the DAKA Double Pistol Case features a water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zipper with a 550 paracord zipper pull, as well as a pull tab which doubles as a carabiner pass-through.

MSRP: $64.95; Colors: Black/FDE

The DAKA Double Pistol Case is available in Black and FDE online and in stores.




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