Chicago Tribune is ‘Worrified’ That Chicagoans Are Defending Themselves With Guns

Chicago Police Department car fire hydrant

Last weekend, Chicagoans witnessed a weekend that saw at least 71 people shot. Tragically, nine of the victims died from their injuries. Just two weeks ago, Chicagoans survived a weekend that saw at least 44 people shot. Tragically, at least eight of the victims died from their injuries. In a city where criminals know they can get […]

Another Soros Prosecutor Goes Down, This Time in Portland…Yes Portland

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt

It’s becoming increasingly common for voters to have buyers’ remorse and give the boot to progressive soft-on-crime prosecutors who are often financially backed by uber “social justice” reformer and billionaire George Soros. Portlanders joined that list, recognizing that “taking it easy” on criminals is a bad choice as crime has plagued the Rose City over […]

Ingram: Stop Blaming Constitutional Carry for Alabama’s Urban Crime Problems

home invasion body outline crime scene

State Rep. Reed Ingram (R-Pike Road) took aim at Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed and other Montgomery leadership, announcing plans to file legislation allowing the state to appoint a police chief if a municipality’s crime rate exceeds a certain level. … Ingram said he has asked Gov. Kay Ivey to call a special legislative session specifically […]