Luke Skywalker, Gun-Grabber

It’s positively adorable when aged, washed-up celebrities think they still have the juice to exert some level of moral suasion on what’s left of their fan bases.

June 7 through 9 is the gun control industry’s annual Wear Orange weekend. It’s a sad, ineffectual exercise in claiming that they stand for “gun safety” and against “gun violence.” They love it because it requires the to do virtually nothing other than putting on an orange shirt…or a tie…or in Mark Hamill’s case, posting a photo from days long, long ago when he was still relevant.

Maybe Hamill has forgotten that blasters came in mighty hand in a galaxy far, far away, just as they do here and now.

Every day, more than 4,000 people defend themselves with guns in America. Not against imperial stormtroopers, but against people who would assault, rob, rape or murder them.

Is there a color Luke would wear to commemorate all of the lives saved and crimes prevented by Americans who exercise their Second Amendment rights?

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  1. How this third-rate sci-fi feces is still popular today is absolutely f*ing mind-boggling. George Lucas — “There’s a sucker born every second.”

    I’m just gonna say it — STAR WARS SUCKS!

  2. “Gun homicide rates in the U.S. are 26x higher than other developed nations.”

    actually, that’s not true young jedi.

  3. If there was anyone who aged poorly it was Carrie Fisher, she went from smoking hot to old hag in record time. No real surprise, she was a smoker and heavy into cocaine for years with that Star Wars money she made…

  4. Oh, be nice. I think he’s got some terminal disease. He looked sickly, bloated, discolored and sort of confused at his last public appearances.

    Leave king incel to die with all the dignity a cartoon voice actor and fake TV monk amalgamation of cultural appropriations can muster. Simps everywhere will parade in bathrobes and weep themselves to sleep caressing 4″ plastic idols of his likeness.

    1. Hey now. I have some Star Wars figures still in the original packaging from the early 80s. It’s sad to see that he really did give in to the Dark Side.

  5. He’s making one last desperate attempt to be relevant…and if it is only among the morons of the world. he’s ok with that, because that’s kinda what he started with.

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