Gavin Newsom’s Gun Control Constitutional Amendment is a Total Failure and He’s OK With That

Gavin Newsom angry
Gavin Newsom (courtesy PBS)

One year after Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed changing the U.S. Constitution to place new restrictions on gun ownership, no other states have joined his campaign for a 28th amendment.

Even as Newsom continues to tout the effort — largely through social media advertisements that encourage people to sign a “petition” and donate to his political action committee — it appears to have gained little traction outside of California. Legislative leaders in several other large states controlled by Democrats told CalMatters that calling for a constitutional convention to adopt the amendment has not come up for discussion among their caucuses.

Newsom spokesperson Nathan Click said the governor’s team focused this past year on laying the groundwork for the campaign, which they plan to reinvigorate in 2025, when most states will begin new legislative sessions. That has primarily involved getting the public invested through the online petition, which is effectively a way to expand the political action committee’s mailing list, and by training volunteers.

“We’re under no illusions of how hard it is to pass a constitutional amendment, so that’s why we’ve focused on building this grassroots army to help these legislators,” Click said. “It’s not just a bill introduction. It’s a bill introduction, and people on the ground who are willing to fight.”

But the lack of progress so far raises questions about whether Newsom is seriously pursuing the constitutional amendment, which he has acknowledged faces overwhelming hurdles to becoming law, or whether it’s merely savvy political messaging.

As California’s extensive gun control framework is increasingly dismantled in the courts following a key ruling two years ago, critics say the proposed amendment is Newsom’s attempt to refashion a losing issue into something supporters can rally behind while also keeping him on the national stage in case he runs for president one day.

“They’ve come out of the closet. They’ve showed their true intent. They want to eradicate the 2nd Amendment, period,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, which has repeatedly sued to overturn gun restrictions in California. “He’s staking out this territory for Democratic primaries for running for the White House in the future. He’s trying to take that mantle so that other candidates can’t claim to be the most anti-gun candidate.” 

— Alexei Koseff in Why Gavin Newsom’s gun control constitutional amendment hasn’t gone beyond California  

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  1. Newsom clearly demonstrates, beyond any doubt, for all to see his disdain for the U S Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    This tromping underfoot of the Constitution should not be tolerated and those who do so should be removed from office immediately.
    It is clear by their words, actions and deeds that they have no respect for the Constitution or “We the People”.

  2. dems are very stupid to keep carrying this issue. they would easily dominate politics if they’d admit gun control was a bad idea, just like the war on drugs. dude has made good arguments for why they won’t and he’s probably right. but they are stupid not to! they only stand to pick up votes from independents. it’s not like the gun grabbers would run to trump in response to the dems giving up on gun control.

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