Cornyn May Finally Realize He Was The Dems’ Useful Gun Control Idiot

john cornyn
The man who did more than anyone else to make the Bipartisan Safer Communities act a reality, Texas Senator John Cornyn (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib)

A Congressional Review Act joint resolution of disapproval introduced Wednesday in the Senate by John Cornyn, R-Texas, could force the chamber to vote on overturning a rule from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that would expand the number of gun sellers who would be required to run background checks.

Cornyn had negotiated the 2022 gun violence prevention law that the administration relied on for the ATF rule. Now he has 41 Senate Republicans who back his joint resolution to stop that rule.

“Every time that they ask for bipartisanship, then if you provide bipartisan solutions, then they overreach and undermine any sort of good-faith negotiations that take place,” Cornyn said.

Democrats have touted the rule, and the 2022 law the administration based it on, as a shining example of bipartisanship and a major step toward making background checks on gun purchases universal.

— Michael Macagnone in Republicans look to reverse rule based on gun law they backed

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    1. “Tar and feathers.”

      Hot tar and stinky feathers… 😉

  1. Cornyn is a worthless back stabbing turn coat, and his resolution has zero chance of passing in a Democrat controlled Senate. He is only looking to avoid being primaried when he is facing the voters of Texas in two years.

    1. He previously said he wasn’t going to run again, but he wants to be the senate leader when McConnell steps down. I don’t think he’ll get the leader position.

  2. …if Chuck Schumer likes a gun law, it’s a bad law.

    Cornyn’s been in the Senate long enough that he should have known that.

    1. rosignol that is exactly right. Cornyn has no excuse for his years. He should have seen through this easily considering his years in D C.
      If he is up for and is running for reelection, then this sudden change is a farce. And who would have thought it would be a Texan when there are other qualified rinos in other states.

    2. He knows exactly what he did. He’s a geriatric Fudd at best and a rich, privileged elitist who hates his constituents at worst.

      The mea culpa act is part of the humiliation ritual people like him get off on. Everybody who may think “aww, they suckered this defender of liberty who was just acting in good faith” is a solid ejaculatory orgasm for demons like him.

    1. OK, this case is not strictly to do with 80% lowers, it’s about the ATF inventing law out of thin air, instead of the Congress.

      (That also means the Congress can screw us in the ass the next time the Leftist-Fascists hold the reins of power… 🙁 )

    2. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a pro 2A decision out of THIS court. The only 2A cases getting cert are the ones being brought by the government.

      1. “Don’t hold your breath waiting for a pro 2A decision out of THIS court.”

        This is the same Court that recently gave us ‘Bruen’, where it was ruled the 2-step approach was 1-step to many, and shall-issue carry was to be nation-wide, whether NY state and California liked it or not.

        Is that the same Court you’re talking about that’s shy about the 2A?

        Let’s see what happens in a few weeks when Loper-Bright gets decided and government over-reach gets bitch-slapped into next week. Thomas has made it clear he wants to check the power of the ‘deep state’… 😉

        1. Yeah.. the court that gave us Bruen with the instructions for how the lower courts were to proceed in the future. Then the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 9th circuits essentially told them to fuck off and refused to implement their instructions. What has SCOTUS done to rein them in? Not a fucking thing. They’re nothing but a paper tiger.

    3. Cert grant in VanDerStok was over a month ago. Hardly breaking news.

      Handwriting is already on the wall on this one. Feds asked for a stay of the judgment (which enjoined the enforcement of the ATF’s concocted “frame or receiver” rules). Stay was granted (which is typical in cases involving overturning a federal statute or regulation). What was unusual is that four justices voted NOT to grant a stay (Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch Kavanaugh). So 4 votes to affirm are already there; just need to get Barrett on board.

      Now, we are due for an opinion in the next month in Cargill (bump stock case; raised similar APA claims), as well as in Loper Bright (which may nuke Chevron deference, which is the keystone of the administrative law edifice that produces bureaucratic regs like this). So I will not be shocked if after those opinions come down and go our way as expected, VanDerStok may well have a reconsideration of the stay order, and may well just be summarily affirmed. We’ll see.

  3. ““Every time that they ask for bipartisanship, then if you provide bipartisan solutions, then they overreach and undermine any sort of good-faith negotiations that take place,” Cornyn said.”

    WELL, DUH! You fuggin retard. You don’t negotiate with terrorists, you fool.

  4. He knowingly worked to seize non-enumerated powers against consent of the governed. What he intended be done with those non-enumerated powers doesn’t change the fact that he knowingly and violently seized these powers. That alone is already unforgivable and means he should be used to water the tree of liberty.

  5. Cornyn caught a severe case of Beltwayitis years ago. His name has been Mudd in Texas for the last couple of years, and unless he becomes Majority Leader in January (unlikely), I don’t see running for re-election. Unless he has the juice and publicity of being Majority Leader, he knows he’ll likely get humiliated in the primary, and he’d rather just become a well-paid DC lobbyist.

    As the primary and runoff election results yesterday made very clear, it’s open season on RINOs in Texas right now. Chief RINO Dade Phelan (current Texas House Speaker) was one of the few who survived. He squeaked by — a whopping 325 vote margin against a political newcomer, in a runoff where he spent more than any Texas house election in history — and was able to win only because his campaign got thousands of crossover Democrats to vote in the runoff (Texas has open primaries, and there’s no Dem candidate for that seat).

    But given that virtually all of the RINO’s who were part of his cabal (which allies with the Dems to get into power) have been shown the door or read the room and didn’t run for re-election, he’s lost his juice and thus likely won’t be in the big chair next session. And Paxton has already issued a public warning to any GOP house member that signs a pledge card for Phelan: “you’re next.”

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