Crossman’s New Integrally Suppressed Prospect .177 and .22 Air Rifle

Crossman Prospect integrally suppressed air rifle

We’ve shot some pretty powerful air rifles in the past, guns with enough oomph to take medium sized game at respectable ranges. But there’s something about Crossman’s latest, the Prospect integrally suppressed air rifle just puts a grin on our faces.

Crossman Prospect integrally suppressed air rifle

The bold action gun is available in .177 and .22 chamberings and runs a mere $369. It launches pellets up to 1000 feet per second. We’re going to get our hands on one and see what this thing can do in the wild.

Crossman Prospect integrally suppressed air rifle

Crosman Corporation, the trusted name in airgun innovation, now has the integrally suppressed Prospect pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle in stock and shipping. It retails for $369.99.

Featured at the 2024 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Prospect has a barrel with internal, built-in sound suppression as well as ½-20 muzzle threads to accept an external moderator to make it even more quiet. 

The Prospect runs on a 3,600-psi air cylinder that gives up to 25 shots between fills. The rifle is available in both .177 and .22 calibers with the .177 rifle firing pellets up to 1,000 feet per second and the .22 up to 900 feet per second. The air regulator is optimized to deliver the maximum number of full-power shots.

The Prospect’s rotary magazine automatically indexes the next pellet every time the cocking lever is actuated, with the .177 model holding 12 pellets, and the .22 model holding 10 pellets. 

It has a durable, all-weather stock and a Picatinny rail on the receiver for easy optics mounting. 

To learn more or to purchase the Crosman Prospect air rifle, visit

11 Responses

    1. As I understand it, that isn’t classified as a firearm under federal law.

      You should note, that some states like NJ categorizes air rifles as firearms, so your state may vary.

      900 FPS is close to supersonic velocity, so the suppressor should make it stealthy in use…

      1. Yes, but the NFA applies to silencers by themselves, even when not installed on firearms, or when built in and not removable. I doubt the ATF would ignore a separate silencer on an air rifle. What if the silencing is built into the air rifle?

        1. It’s a great question. I believe the external moderator is not considered a suppressor but I’m just some dude on the internet. Let me see if I can find something authoritative. The stealth and legality of these (and affordability to shoot) are all major advantages.

          1. well i found some useful information including links to ATF opinions and posted it here but it got moderated. lame!!!

    2. I’ve got a suppressed .177. It’s not NFA the same as the Maxim 50: Silencer is legally defined as something that works on a firearm, and if an airgun/antique firearm is explicitly not a firearm a component that’s permanently attached isn’t a silencer.

  1. ATF asserts some airgun silencers are regulated as firearms:

    If you live in the First Circuit you might be exempt based on this federal court opinion: “We conclude, however, that the statute by its terms requires something more than a potential for adaptation and knowledge of it.   The statute does not refer either to capability or adaptation;  it speaks of a device “for” silencing or muffling.   The ordinary connotation of the word is one of purpose.” In that particular case the suppressor appeared to be homemade and would not fit on a firearm.

    This topic appears to still be a raging debate on various airgun forums.

    1. If you read the NFA’s text and know your physics, a barrel is a silencer since it reduces the noise of a firearm.

      1. And a US flag in a courtroom is not a US flag if fringed in gold, nor can a subpoena refer to me when my name is in ALL CAPS.

        There’s theoretical legal, and Supreme Court legal. I know which one guides my actions.

  2. I have a Benjamin Marauder in .22 has a shrouded barrel. The first time I shot it, the pellet hitting the target made more noise.

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