San Diego County Partners with Giffords in Suit Against Defense Distributed Over ‘Ghost Guns’

It should probably be illegal for interest groups like Giffords to represent government in going after companies or people they want to destroy (in civil actions). Even if you think making unserialized firearms is not protected activity under the Second Amendment, the government in a lawsuit like this is supposed to be pursuing whatever is just, not settling scores with its nemeses.

Giffords isn’t looking for what is fair, they want Defense Distributed to not exist. Imagine a red state government hiring a pro-life legal group to represent it in civil lawsuits against Planned Parenthood or women who had an abortion. (And if that has happened and I am not aware, then that is wrong too.)

— Kostas Moros re San Diego County lawsuit against Defense Distributed

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  1. “Giffords isn’t looking for what is fair,”
    Fair is a 4 letter word beginning with F as far as Giffords are concerned.
    Right and Wrong + Fair are concepts they threw out the window.

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