Must-Have Gun Gear: Apple Air Tags

A few weeks ago, we noted Strike Industries’ new AR pistol grip insert that accommodates an Apple Air Tag and asked if you thought that was a good idea. It’s fair to say most of you were…skeptical. But as Friend of SNW LKB commented . . .

…I can think of some instances where using a nondescriptly named AirTag in a gun might be useful on a temporary basis.

Say you are flying, and have to check the gun in with the airlines. Having the ability to see where it is — especially if a baggage handler has helped himself to it — might be your best chance of recovering it. Or to know if the gun is taking a different path to the plane than the rest of your luggage (travelers routinely use AirTags to see where their bags are), which might warrant further investigation / warn you that TSA or others are probably giving the bag containing the AirTagged gun some special attention.

Exactly. That’s the highest and best use of Air Tag tracking that we thought of, too.

As the video above from someone named DeviantOllam makes clear, slipping an Air Tag into your gun case while it’s in the tender hands of an airline can come in mighty handy. If he hadn’t had an AirTag in his Pelican case while traveling to the People’s Republic of Seattle, there’s no telling how long it might have taken to locate his luggage…which included a firearm.

Do with that what you will.


[h/t Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR]

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  1. “As the video above from someone named DeviantOllam makes clear…”

    He’s a highly-regarded lock-picker and computer ‘security expert’ in the hardware hacking sphere who is about pro-gun as it gets…

  2. There’s a non-Apple tag for the kool kids who use real phones instead of Apple products: 😉

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