ID My EDC Gear and Win a Crimson Trace CTS-1000 Red Dot Sight

Some people would be embarrassed to show the top of their dresser messily festooned with an disorganized collection of their EDC gear. I’m not one of those people.

No, that’s not everything I have. There’s more (a lot more knives). These are just the items in my everyday rotation. The ones I slip into my pocket on a regular basis.

That Spyderco Ambitious at the bottom usually lives in a Maxpedition pouch in my car’s center console, but I had to press it into service yesterday when I actually forgot (now that’s embarrassing) to put a knife in my pocket before leaving the house. Yeesh.

Anyway, see if you can ID everything in the photo. The one who correctly lists the most items in the comments below by the end of the day on Friday, May 3 will win a Crimson Trace CTS-1000 red dot sight from our friends at Crimson Trace.

Have at it.



10 Responses

  1. I don’t drive due to poor eyesight, but that is a fact, not an excuse and guessing the brand names is entirely not possible.
    All I can see in the picture are knives, flashlights, watches, magazine holders and I have no idea what the thing is with the orange coiled wire attached.
    Should I win the red dot (which I won’t) I’ll gift a good friend.

  2. Thanks Dan. A closer look reveals that to me and I now see some brand names.
    I guess, at first when you don’t see, look again.

  3. Starting from the upper left and working generally clockwise:

    Watch, clip, knife, knife, knife, watch, knife, knife, sheath, paracord, knife-in-sheath, knife, knife, knife, knife, light, light, knife, knife, mount.

    Where’s my prize?…

  4. Weknife Saakshi
    Streamlight MacroStream
    Benchmade Bugout
    Benchmade 318 Proper
    Forecenter magazine holder
    Neomag magazine holder
    5.11 Outpost watch
    Spyderco Endura
    Glock 35th Anniversary watch
    Buck 112 Slim Ranger Pro
    Streamlight Wedge XT
    Benchmade mini barrage
    Benchmade Narrows
    Spyderco Ambitious
    Benchmade Intersect
    Benchmade Canyon Hunter
    Benchmade Osborne
    SOG mat

    Probably missed a couple and not sure what is under the Canyon Hunter.
    Also some kind of basket.

    1. Methinks this shiggs guy is a bit sus to identify all those items with such precision and confidence. Ghosts of TTAG shenanigans.

      To me, they look like “knife, knife, watch, light, knife…”

      1. Well, it’s like this. There’s this thing called google lens. It is really amazing at what it can identify. So I guess I “cheated”. I say this red dot should go to Hush’s friend.

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