19 State AG’s Oppose Biden’s New Red Flag Confiscation Resource Center

merrick garland
Courtesy C-SPAN

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and 18 other state attorneys general are opposing a new federal program that promotes aggressive enforcement of “red flag” gun-confiscation laws.

Yost and his counterparts argue in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland that the National Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Resource Center, launched in March by the Department of Justice, undermines the Second Amendment and other fundamental rights in a flawed attempt to reduce gun violence, according to an April 11 news release from Yost’s office.

“The solution to gun violence is not more bureaucracy, and it is certainly not parting otherwise law-abiding men and women from their right to self-defense,” Yost said in the release.

The state attorneys general raise several concerns with the ERPO Resource Center, particularly how the program advocates for laws that allow government officials to “suspend fundamental rights under the Second Amendment with no genuine due process.”

So-called “red flag” laws permit authorities to seek court orders authorizing the confiscation of firearms from people thought to pose a danger, according to the release. Twenty-one states have enacted such laws. Ohio has not.

— Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio’s Yost, other attorneys general urge DOJ to scrap ‘red flag’ gun-confiscation program

4 Responses

  1. Let’s see we have a center to routinely violate the 4th amendment. We saw several centers pop up to violate the 1st amendment especially during Covid so yeah what is one more for the 2nd.

  2. ERPOs are another example of the disdain and hatred the left holds for the Constitution and the Rights of every American.

  3. There should be NO red flag law as it will become weaponized between neighbors that don’t like each other just like child protection services are used by parents in a contested divorce!

  4. Anti Second Amendment forces continue to chip away at fundamental constitutional rights. Red flag laws are marketed as protecting individual firearms owners from themselves as well as protecting others by confiscating their firearms. None of these laws that I have read of attempt to deprive gun owners of any other items that could be used to hurt themselves or others. They can keep their: knives, bats, chain saws, automobiles etc. just not their firearms. No criminal convictions are required or even arrest or indictment for committing a crime. Those who love and value our constitutional freedoms and rights MUST NOT compromise and support or tolerate red flag laws. They are unjust and intended to further erode our Second Amendment rights and liberties.

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