Chicago College Student Grabs Gun From Armed Robber While Male Student Watches

University of Chicago
Courtesy NY Post

“I see a man in a ski mask coming toward me, and I attempt to keep walking,” Madelyn told NBC Chicago.

Madelyn tussled with the suspect for a few moments as she glanced wildly around her, seemingly imploring a passerby to intervene — with a male student instead just watching while he sat on the ground just feet away, surveillance footage showed.

The armed assailant was “grabbing for my phone and I am kinda pulling it behind my back,” she recalled.

“In the tussle, I was able to take the magazine out of his gun, and I tossed it into a bush,” she added.

“But at the moment, I didn’t know what I was grabbing.”

In the end, the robber made off with Madelyn’s phone, though police later found both the device and the magazine she tossed.

Just five minutes before Madelyn was robbed, two other students walking on opposite sides of the street were confronted by four armed suspects who robbed them before driving away in a black Infiniti, the University of Chicago Police Department said. …

“You never think it will be you and when I was confronted with that moment, I was in utter disbelief,” she added of her experience.

As of Friday morning, no arrests had been made in either case.

— Olivia Land in Female College Student Fights Back Against Armed Robber and Yanks Magazine From Gun — As Man Watches Just Feet Away

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    1. Right. Intervene against “the usual suspects” and get tossed in the clink, called names, and socially ostracized. Remember Daniel Penny? He put a homeless black man that was accosting passengers in a chokehold, the dude expired, and Penny was arrested for it.

      It isn’t worth it. These women are living in the world THEY VOTED FOR. They can suck it up.

      1. And who are “these women”? Most of the women I know are conservative and didn’t vote for this.


        1. Women have historically tended to vote for Dems, regardless of age.

          Among white women, the gap has closed recently to about 50/50, although women turned out in 2022 to basically vote for abortion.

          I can pretty much guarantee that my young daughter would be a flaming lib right now without me in her life. OTOH, I never had to explain anything to my son, and he’s naturally more right wing than I am. To be fair, my son became very interested in history at a young age. He read and studied on his own (outside of school). I’m sure he was able to connect some dots.

      2. …plus she apparently knows the difference between a magazine and a “clip.” Not something one would expect from a snowflake.

  1. This girl got lucky. But her comments…

    “I see a man in a ski mask coming toward me, and I attempt to keep walking,”
    “You never think it will be you and when I was confronted with that moment, I was in utter disbelief,”

    Ya mean an armed stranger wearing a ski mask and hoodie coming towards you and all you do is “attempt to keep walking”? Situational awareness is not strong with this one. But to be fair, this may have been a normal thing for people to dress like this and maybe she did not see the gun yet … but still he is coming towards you, and “was in utter disbelief” when it happened. This is a problem, people lulled into this false sense of ‘security’ idea that it can never happen to them and when it does happen they are in “utter disbelief” that it is happening – a complete collapse of the ‘situational awareness’ of reality that it can and does happen.

    I got news for you … its all around you every day in places like Chicago. This is something people fail to grasp — a person in an smaller urban city environment is targeted by bad guys as a potential victim at least three times for every 8 hours they spend in those public places and in large urban city environments six-to-eight times for every 8 hours they spend in those public places – no matter the public place or the numbers of other people around. Bad guys don’t operate like that any more, haven’t in more than 40 years and they have gotten bolder since – they are not wary of lighting or security cameras or other being around like they used to be many years ago – today’s criminals are a newer generation who will do it anywhere even to police officers in public places with lots of people around and well lit and security cameras.

    The bad guys get to pick-n-choose if its going to happen or not and when and where. Because it has not happened to you in those public places does not mean it can’t or won’t and it does not mean you are safe, just because you are in a public place with lighting or in day light or others around or there are security cameras and even police patrols it does not mean it can’t or won’t happen to you. If it hasn’t happened to you in those urban city public places, it just means the bad guys haven’t done it yet or for some reason decided not to do it and there is a chance they may not do it and it might never actually happen to you but you don’t get to make that choice and the bad guys do – but you have most likely been targeted as a potential victim without even knowing it. The only thing you can do is be prepared and ready for when it does happen, you are literally your own first responder.

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