Damiani: Americans Are Addicted to Their Guns

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The American people relate to guns as addicts relate to drugs. Addicts change everything in their life to accommodate their drug use. They filter their relationships, alter their schedule, and change their living situation—all to facilitate their access to the substance. They blame everything and everyone for what goes wrong, but never the drug.

And so it is with guns in the United States. Law-enforcement officers should alter their techniques because of shootings. Teachers should carry weapons to protect themselves and their students. Sixty-year-old men should be trained to run into the line of fire. Children should learn when to duck and when to run. Everyone attending a public event should know where the exits are. We are willing to put everything second to our need for guns.

The U.S. has a gun addiction. Until the American people wake up to the fact that our drug is killing us, until we stop enabling our addiction, we will continue to see tragedies like that at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

— Victoria B. Damiani in ‘The U.S. Has a Gun Addiction’

4 Responses

  1. “They blame everything and everyone for what goes wrong, but never the drug.”

    That’s exactly what Leftist Fascist Scum ™ attempt to do, all the time…

  2. I think Victoria B. Damiani has the left wing disease called ‘paleas perspecta faciens effercio sursum itis’ (ok, that was in latin but the translation is ‘straw- grasping-making-stuff-up’itis’)

  3. People who outsource the security of their children to the state are ultimately responsible if anything goes wrong. Want to keep your children safe?? Homeschool them. Don’t whine when the agents of the state fail to keep your progeny safe; it’s *** your *** fault.

    *** You *** are responsible for you and yours. No one else., despite what the state and its agents promise.

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