On Scammers, The Elderly, and the Laws of Armed Self-Defense

William Brock Loletha Hall shooting

A recent tragedy in Ohio, where an elderly man under attack from online fraudsters killed an innocent woman, can teach us a lot. Not only do we not always know as much as we think we do about a situation, but when we start filling in the gaps and letting our imagination run wild, it […]

Gear Review: Bodyguard Elite Armored Backpack

Body Guard Elite Bulletproof Backpack

I’ve never owned body armor before. I’m not opposed to it, I’ve just chosen to spend my dollars differently. If you own it, good on you. If that makes you feel more comfortable and more prepared, I say…why not? The only barrier should be the cost, which can be substantial, depending on the type of […]

Damiani: Americans Are Addicted to Their Guns

US gun flag feat guns

The American people relate to guns as addicts relate to drugs. Addicts change everything in their life to accommodate their drug use. They filter their relationships, alter their schedule, and change their living situation—all to facilitate their access to the substance. They blame everything and everyone for what goes wrong, but never the drug. And […]